Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo warns that there is “no evidence” the newest COVID vaccines are safe – “lots of red flags”

09/13/2023 // Ethan Huff // 870 Views

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just approved a new batch of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "booster" shots for the latest variants, but Florida Surgeon General Dr. Josepha Ladapo says there is "no evidence" that they are safe or effective for human beings.
In a news conference this week with Gov. Ron DeSantis, Ladapo blew the lid off the sham by explaining that no actual science took place in the approval process for these injections, which are the latest rushed-to-market COVID injections to come from Operation Warp Speed.
"We all know there's a new vaccine that's coming around the corner, [a] new mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. And there's essentially no evidence for it," Ladapo said.
"There's been no clinical trial done in human beings showing that it benefits people; there's been no clinical trial showing that it is a safe product for people. And not only that, but then there are a lot of red flags."
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COVID jabs "increase your chances of contracting COVID-19," Ladapo warns

Since there are two new COVID injections being released, one from Pfizer and the other from Moderna, it is unclear which one Ladapo was referring to – though we suspect he means both shots are based on pseudoscience.
Beginning in mid-September, or basically now, Americans will be offered two new "updated" COVID jabs from Pfizer and Moderna, both of which are based on the same mRNA technology used in the first batches that arrived in late 2020.

"Pfizer recently claimed that its updated vaccine provided protection against the BA.2.86 strain and other fast-spreading variants in a trial conducted on animals," explains Naveen Athrappully, writing for America First Report.
"Moderna's vaccine targeting BA.2.86 already conducted trials in humans. Both firms are also planning to roll out new vaccines targeting the Omicron strain XBB.1.5."
At the press conference, Ladapo also brought up other studies out of Brazil, Australia, the United States, and elsewhere showing that mRNA COVID products "actually increase your chances of contracting COVID-19."
"That's not normal and unfortunately, you're going to have people who are going to get on television and try to explain why you should be comfortable with taking a product that ultimately, like its predecessors, increases your chance of contracting something," he said.
Instead of listening to the "experts," Ladapo thinks that We the People need to make our own decisions based on our assessment of the "resonance of truth." In other words, he advises against listening unquestioningly to "very educated people telling you what you should think."
"When they try to convince you to be comfortable and agree with things that don't feel comfortable and don't feel like things you should agree with, that's a sign," he said. "And I encourage you and certainly beg and hope that you do listen to it because it will serve you right."
One of the studies Ladapo was referring to came out of California. Researchers looked at data from 33 Golden State prisons and found that prisoners and prison employees who received the latest COVID booster shots ended up becoming more likely to contract COVID compared to those who refused the jabs.
While the infection rate among the unvaccinated is right around 2.7 percent, the infection rate among the fully jabbed and fully boosted is more like 3.2 percent.
Ladapo further warned that earlier mRNA COVID jabs and boosters "actually caused cardiac injury in many people."
"And the magnitude of that cardiac injury, it's beyond cardio myocarditis that leads to hospitalization," he said. "We call it subclinical myocarditis. Its clinical significance is really unknown. In a perfect world, hopefully it won't be a big deal, but we don't know."
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