Flu Vaccine Recall: All Vaccines Should be Recalled

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By Bob Tuskin
October 25, 2012

Many of our readers are well informed on vaccines and their true nature.

The statistics show more and more people are now avoiding vaccines like the plague.

Vaccines are dangerous in their very essence but if that isn’t enough, a recent recall highlights even more issues with vaccines.

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis agreed to recall their Flu Shots after pressure from various nation’s government health agencies.

Yesterday, Italy banned the sale of the vaccines after finding “small particles” in the poison. I can only imagine what those “small particles” are? I will be keeping my eyes open and report on it when I do find out.

And just today Germany banned the vaccine as well. I guess Germany has their own Vaccination Agency that handles this kind of thing.

Vaccines are bad news no matter which way you slice it. Bottom Line.

Flu Vaccine Recall: All Vaccines Should be Recalled :