FOOD COLLAPSE: UK supermarkets rationing vegetables as food shortages worsen

Monday, March 06, 2023 by: Belle Carter
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(Natural News) Supermarkets in the United Kingdom – such as Aldi, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Lidl – have begun rationing vegetables that customers can buy. But this appears to be a ploy to normalize food shortages, according to some pundits.
Many mainstream media (MSM) commentators believe the food rationing was brought about by Brexit – the U.K.’s withdrawal from the European Union that took effect in January 2020. However, Mac Slavo of SHTF Plan thinks this reason makes little sense. This is because the bulk of the U.K.’s vegetables come from either Morocco or domestic sources, the latter depending on the weather.
“Both of these are advantageous for the public to believe regarding the plans to install a ‘New World Order’ totalitarian slave system using ‘climate change’ as the scapegoat,” remarked Slavo.
Kit Knightly, a contributor to the Off-Guardian news outlet, also put in his two cents on the issue.
“Ireland has been affected too, plus were only five months removed from France and other EU nations facing their own ‘catastrophic food shortages.’ That is supposing there are real shortages, not just psy-op nonsense like the toilet paper fiasco at the beginning of the ‘pandemic.’ One way or another, they have been engineered.”
Globalists using food to enslave the population

Analysts have echoed this speculation and have blamed government worldwide for intentionally creating these shortages. On the other side of the fence, authorities are pointing their fingers at whatever else they can to convince people that enslavement and their salvation are the only way.
In one instance, they claimed the Russia-Ukraine conflict was behind skyrocketing costs of producing, harvesting and transporting all crops. The MSM has conditioned people’s minds that the rising costs of oil, gas and crops was caused by the fertilizer shortage – likewise intentionally created.
Interestingly, people right in the middle of the war zone in Ukraine are not worried about the shortage of tomatoes – a stark difference compared to the U.K.’s situation.
Lindsey Hilsum of Channel 4 revealed this in a tweet: “No tomato shortage here – but I’m in Kherson, a frontline Ukrainian city that gets shelled by the Russians daily, not a British supermarket.”
GB News presenter Neil Oliver ultimately remarked that this planned food shortage is all about psychological manipulation.
“They’re rationing tomatoes in the supermarkets. We’re told it’s about supply chains, bad weather and the price of heating. But right now, in terms of the messaging, I suspect it’s more about pushing the word ‘rationing.’ Less about any believable shortage of food and more about getting us used to hearing the word,” he added. (Related: FOOD RATIONING: British supermarkets Asda and Lidl now limiting the number of eggs customers can buy.)
“For now, it’s more of a familiar process of psychological manipulation. [To] get us acquainted with the general idea of food scarcity so that we’re well-primed when the planned reality is unrolled.”
Slavo appeared to concur with Oliver’s remarks: “These sociopaths that most believe control their lives are trying to see what they can get away with before the slaves rise up and realize that firstly, they are slaves, and secondly, they don’t have to be.”
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FOOD COLLAPSE: UK supermarkets rationing vegetables as food shortages worsen –