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Ford’s globalist push for more electric vehicles (EVs) DESTROYING company with massive layoff of salaried engineers

06/29/2023 // Ethan Huff // 1K Views

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People familiar with the matter say that upwards of 1,000 salaried employees and contract workers at Ford Motor Company in North America will soon be laid off in order to offset the company's massive "green" investments into electric vehicles (EVs).
The costs associated with transitioning from traditional gas-powered vehicles to electric alternatives is so high that Ford can no longer afford, it says, to pay high-level engineers and others at the company, some of whom have worked at the company for decades.
Ford previously announced about 3,000 layoffs in its U.S. market, most of which also affect engineering roles that are being axed. The entire focus of the company is now shifting from what it long did best, producing combustion engine cars, to making piles of EV junk to comply with the left wing's dystopian "green" agenda.
The Biden regime is aggressively pushing to stop all gas-powered vehicle production in the United States and turn everything electric.
Back in April, the regime unveiled the strictest-ever emissions standards ever proposed by the federal government, calling on the automobile industry to cut emissions in both passenger cars and pickup trucks by half between 2026 and 2032.
(Related: Ford forged a deal with communist China to produce batteries for its EV fleet, sparking economic and national security concerns.)
Ford loses $34,000 for every EV sold – no wonder it's firing longtime employees left and right

According to Steve Milloy, a lawyer and expert on energy and the environment, told National Review that Ford loses a ton of money on every EV it produces and sells. This, he says, is what is costing thousands of longtime Ford employees their jobs.

"Ford lost $34,000 per electric vehicle sold last year," Milloy said. "EV economics have not improved in 2023. So ... another mass layoff at Ford. No one should be surprised."
"Government-designed and mandated industrial policy is bound to fail, especially when there is little consumer demand for the product and no underlying tangible rationale for it."
It is simply impossible for the auto industry to make the drastic infrastructure shifts being pushed by the Biden regime – and in such a short amount of time, no less. Then there is the extremely high cost, including environmentally, of mining all the rare-earth minerals needed to produce EV batteries.
Because of its ever-expanding EV business, Ford is poised to lose $3 billion in operating profit this year – and it is not alone. Many auto companies, stricken by high EV costs and ongoing infrastructure transition issues, are bleeding cash while constantly striving to reduce the very high costs of EV batteries in particular.
Last month, Ford CEO Jim Farley said that the cost of producing an EV may not be equal to that of an internal combustion engine until after 2030 – and even that is not necessarily a guarantee.
Competitor GM is reportedly also laying off workers, but many more than Ford to the tune of 5,000, according to an April announcement. Stellantis, which owns Chrysler, is doing much the same.
In addition to pushing EVs on Americans who, for the most part, would rather drive gas-powered cars, the Biden regime also wants to institute strict carbon limits for power plants.
Fake president Joe Biden also recently announced that the White House Office of Environmental Justice is "mired in a dispute," to quote National Review, with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) over the climate-related sections of the infamous Inflation Reduction Act, which is proving to be anything but an inflation reducer.
EVs and other "green" technologies are a farce, producing more pollution and waste than earth-based "fossil" fuels like oil and gas. Learn more at
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Ford’s globalist push for more electric vehicles (EVs) DESTROYING company with massive layoff of salaried engineers –