Former Fulton County employee exposes DA Fani Willis’ alleged misuse of nearly $500K in federal funds

04/15/2024 // Belle Carter // 1.3K Views

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A former Fulton County employee has exposed District Attorney Fani Willis' alleged misuse of federal funding amounting to $488,000.Meanwhile, Willis continues to work on a case targeting former President Donald Trump and more than a dozen others for an alleged scheme to illegally overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia. (Related: Georgia judge dismisses 6 charges against Trump in election interference case.)
Due to the bombshell revelation of her former staff named Amanda Timpson, the Department of Justice (DOJ) asked Willis to resolve "inconsistencies" in how her office reports federal funding, a spokesperson for the federal department said. The DOJ earlier confirmed via a statement that it had discovered inconsistencies on how Willis' office reported that grant money and that the agency is now working to receive the correct reports.
"During our review of the award to respond to this inquiry, we have noticed some inconsistencies in what Fulton County has reported … and we are working with them to update their reporting accordingly," a DOJ spokesperson told the Washington Free Beacon. Committee chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R.- Oh) subpoenaed Willis in early February for records related to the federal grant and the whistleblower allegations made by a former Willis staffer, who was listed as the grant director until the district attorney abruptly fired her in January 2022.
Jordan threatened to hold Willis in contempt of Congress on March 14 after the district attorney responded to his subpoena with a "narrow set of documents" that had nothing to do with Timpson's allegations. Willis wrote in response that Jordan's demands were "unreasonable and uncustomary" and suggested his investigation was an effort to derail her election interference case against Trump.
"Instead of using these federal grant funds for the intended purpose of helping at-risk youths, your office sought to use the grant funds to 'get Macbooks … swag … [and] use it for travel,'" the subpoena included. "Moreover, the whistleblower's direct supervisor stated that these planned expenditures 'were part of [your] vision.'"
The Epoch Times has sent multiple requests for comment to the DOJ and the DOJ's Office of Justice Programs. Willis's office has not returned a request for comment and has not yet publicly responded to the DOJ's statement. Willis has denied any wrongdoing related to the use of federal funds and told Jordan that her office would provide information on a rolling basis.
Earlier last week, the district attorney's office asked a Georgia appeals court not to consider Trump's motion to appeal "because the applicants have wholly failed to carry their burden of persuasion." "There is simply no trial court error to be found in the decision to deny disqualification," her office wrote on Monday. "Days of evidence and testimony failed to disclose anything like a calculated pre-trial plan designed to prejudice the defendants or secure their convictions. The applicants have not identified any public statement injecting the district attorney's personal belief as to the defendant's guilt or appealing to the public weighing of evidence."
Fulton County Procurement Review flags Willis' office for potentially high-risk spending practices

Released on April 4, the Fulton County Procurement Review produced by North Carolina-based accounting firm Cherry Bekaert, indicated that Willis' office was recently flagged for potentially high-risk spending practices. However, the review was not an audit and was not seeking wrongdoing. Instead, it is intended to provide "a sense of the county procurement system by interviewing key officials and a diverse sampling of departments/agencies based on suggestions of the Office of the County Auditor."
The review found that the DA's office had used prosecutorial discretion in purchasing decisions and that there was reduced accountability over the purchasing tendencies of some constitutional offices and elected offices, leading to an increased risk of damage to the reputation of the county.
"We were informed that the use of prosecutorial discretion has sometimes moved past securing services such as expert witness testimony during a trial, to items such as gun holsters for agents and office supplies and other items that likely could have been planned for and obtained through the Department of Purchasing," the report read.
The report further stated that some constitutional officers and other elected officials have special or unique business needs that "if not handled or accommodated within County procurement policies/processes can lead them to seek alternative procurement methods without established procurement policies and procedures or oversight and lacking in transparency. This lack of accountability could damage the county's reputation and erode public trust if perceived as mismanagement or inadequate oversight of public funds."
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Former Fulton County employee exposes DA Fani Willis’ alleged misuse of nearly $500K in federal funds –