Foundation Attorneys Challenge SEIU Forced Dues for Politics Scheme at the US Supreme Court
Wed, 01/11/2012 - 18:40 — Will Collins

On Tuesday, National Right to Work staff attorneys argued before the Supreme Court on behalf of tens of thousands of California civil servants who were forced to contribute to an SEIU "Political Fight Back Fund" in 2005. The video below gives a overview of what's at stake in the case, including an interview with Foundation staff attorney Jim Young:

ou can also read Right to Work President Mark Mix's op-ed on the case in The Washington Times. Here's the key quote:

Forcing civil servants to subsidize the political agenda of an organization to which they don’t belong should offend every American, regardless of political sympathies. Voluntary SEIU members may wish to financially support their organization’s political goals, but nonunion employees - many of whom disagree with the union’s agenda - are under no similar obligation. Freedom of association is a bedrock principle of American democracy, and no one should be compelled to support a group to which they don’t belong.

For more info, check out the Foundation's Knox webpage, which includes links to relevant legal documents, press releases, and media coverage.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to release its ruling in the case by June.