With free and fair elections now a thing of the past, America is preparing for war

Wednesday, January 06, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) A White House cyber team investigation has determined that the era of peace in America is over. The fraudulent 2020 election was the tipping point that will push us over the edge into full-blown civil war.

No matter what happens on Jan. 6 and Jan. 20, one side or the other is going to pop off like an atomic bomb. The Trump side is convinced there was mass voter fraud – which certainly appears to be the case – while the Biden side says the election was fair and square. However history is made, one side or the other will not be in agreement.
“The American people have lost control of their election system,” an investigative report explains. “Election results no longer have any relationship to the voters’ will.”
“The election results are now in the control of a relatively small network of bad actors who manipulate the system to produce virtually any result,” the report adds. “This impacts all Americans, irrespective of political party.”
While Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) has proposed a full 10-day audit of the election results before certifying the Electoral College vote, the opposition says no way, no how. It is clear, at this point, that Democrats do not want to cooperate in validating the election.
Cruz’s request is a normal one that has been requested before. It is just that this time the stakes are the highest they have ever been, so allowing for honesty and transparency is no longer an option.
“This is not enough time to conduct an election audit,” the report explains about Cruz’s request. “Had this been done a month ago, it might have been able to reveal the will of the voters.”
“Now it will only clog the system and appease people who don’t understand how the process works,” it adds. “Efforts for transparency will be thwarted at every stage.”
The entire system is broken, sadly

In other words, the time for auditing the 2020 election has passed. A true audit will thus no longer be possible – so what does it all mean for the future of our country? Nothing good, unfortunately.
In a nutshell, the margin of error in the election was significantly greater than the margin of victory. There is thus no clear winner, meaning neither candidate should be installed until a full and complete audit is performed.
Since this is no longer an option, the election outcome is unknown and will thus be fraudulent no matter who takes the White House on Jan. 20 – which is a sad state of affairs for our once-great republic.
“In contested jurisdictions, standard operating procedures were dismissed,” the report explains.
“Hence, illegal ballots were accepted and counted, ballots counted multiple times, ballots destroyed, votes switched by election staff, ballots arrived from unknown locations, and machines were connected to the Internet communicating with foreign servers.”
Corresponding recounts and audits also failed, having been rigged from the start to produce the same fraudulent outcomes as the first time the ballots were counted.
Then there are the courts, which also failed the American people by refusing virtually all requests for not only a proper audit and recount but also enforcement of respective state law concerning how to conduct a legitimate election.
“With the exception of a few souls, POTUS is surrounded by Globalists and political opportunists who do not support him or the long-term interests of the Republic,” the report further explains.
“They, like the Swamp they deceitfully claimed to drain, are interested only in their next D.C. gig.”
Be sure to read the full report at this link.
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