Fukushima Leak Puts Nuclear Power Plant in Danger of another Meltdown as Harry Reid Readies Carbon Tax for Americans

Suzanne Hamner July 22, 2014

Looking through news reports, one would assume we are living in a time of chaos. The Middle East is out of control. Israel is fighting for their very right to survive and exist amidst the continued goal of Islam to eradicate her people, along with other infidels. Tensions are high between Ukraine and Russia; but, the added incident of a downed commercial airliner over the Ukraine pushes the tensions higher with those involved playing the blame game. France's out of control Muslim population threatens every citizen with their rioting against those they deem inferior. The United States is under invasion through her southern border with the Central American countries' governments, along with Mexico, complicit in assisting this act of war. Continually riddled with scandal after scandal that remains unresolved, the corrupt, inept Congress refuses to due its constitutional duty. The Corrupter-in-Chief continues to violate his oath of office, act unconstitutionally, show his disdain for the American public and its rule of law, and encourages the same for those agencies under the executive branch. Americans are split along every socioeconomic, racial, religious and political lines imaginable with ever more minute splits occurring as subdivisions of major political ideologies and movements

The US economy is on the brink of collapse with the world economy just as close. Unemployment continues at staggering rates not seen in decades. And, America is in a position to pass the Great Depression as the measure of economic failure.

Soon, if Harry Reid has a say in the matter, Americans may be faced with a carbon tax to cripple a citizenry who is already overtaxed and taxed without representation as many in Congress refuse to respond to their constituents. It is absolutely ludicrous that the American government would even consider a carbon tax to "fight" the so-called ruse of "climate change," previously known as global warming. America does not exist in a bubble on this planet so what efforts this country does to stem the lie called climate change will do nothing.

While the world is focused on all these "global" scenarios, what is happening at Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Plant – the Japanese facility that suffered 3 nuclear reactor meltdowns in March of 2011 following an earthquake and tsunami? On July 7, 2014, Fox News reports that nuclear reactor no. 5 at Fukushima is in danger of a meltdown. It appears that the cooling system for reactor no. 5 has developed a leak that forced the shutdown of the system that could cause temperatures to soar. Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the company operating the Fukushima Nuclear plant, has used seawater for many cooling needs since the disaster which may have contributed to the increase in corrosion in sensitive equipment, along with other variable such as rats and human error.

After three years, the disaster remains a very real threat to the world's population. And, clean up efforts are basically stalled. TEPCO is no closer today in cleaning up this massive area than it was three years ago. Contaminated water continues to be captured, as much as can be, in barrels and stored on site. In order to prevent groundwater contamination, TEPCO is attempting to freeze the ground to prevent groundwater from mixing with contaminated water, but this method has proven unsuccessful. Containment of the continued nuclear contamination is also minimal.

Following several reports on ENEnews.com, there was a video captured on July 9, 2014 from TEPCO's own surveillance cameras that show something very interesting. The video (below) has been enhanced in order to show what appears to be indications of some problems at the plant. The music is rather irritating so you may want to turn off the sound as it really isn't needed. It is 30 minutes in length; however, at about 3 minutes in, one can begin to see changes which escalate as the video continues.

Published on Jul 15, 2014
Video of unusual images at the nuclear plant sent to us. Video filters applied in Final Cut Pro. Apparently there was some type of "event" at the plant.

What does this video show? Is this video a fake or is it real? I don't know the answer to those questions. What I do know is that the news media does not cover changes that happen there and when they do, it's a small piece such as the one on Fox news, which originated from RT.com and is also small.

In trying to keep abreast of developments at Fukushima, ENEnews information articles and videos have to be carefully screened as some of the information recently posted has dates that indicate the information could be months old. It is still relevant information, such as the bio-accumulation of the radioactive contaminates, but one must be mindful of the timeframes.

The world might be on the brink of war among multiple nations in multiple geographical areas. The entire Northern Hemisphere faces the continued threat of radiation contamination from Fukushima. The United States leadership is ineffective, incompetent and unprepared to handle multiple crises; but, is adept at creating them to implement an agenda against its people.

The best that our leadership and legislative body can do is attempt to implement a "carbon tax" after the November midterm elections when Fukushima remains out of control, pushed back onto the back burner, and instability reigns worldwide. One can imagine our government believes that the US greenhouse gas emissions are way more problematic than nuclear waste and radioactive materials being released into the environment daily for the last three years, with no practical end in sight any time soon. Fukushima is a disaster that keeps on bringing disaster. And it is obvious that adding an additional tax to an already overtaxed population is more important than resolving more pressing issues such as world war and radioactive contamination.

Even with this massive disaster, some of the world's nations are still making plans for more nuclear power plants. While the energy is claimed to be "cleaner," one disaster at a nuclear plant has consequences and costs that far outweigh its usage – think Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima. Nuclear disasters tend to distribute its horrors over decades across every imaginable toll, and can result in damage to the human genome for generations. But, according to the climate hacks and political pundits, gas, oil, and coal emissions are the true evil. These fossil fuels usages by Americans pose an extreme danger to the environment, which will collapse anytime if something is not done.

What about the cost to humanity from the disaster that is Fukushima that will affect the entire Northern Hemisphere, including the United States? What about the effects on the environment from cumulative radioactive isotope concentration and the raining of radioactive materials over dense populated areas? What about the safety of the food and water supply?

With so many "crises," manufactured as well as real, it is easy to forget about the Fukushima crisis – a real crisis whose effects will be felt for decades to come.
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