Fully vaccinated about to see “tsunami” of illness and death, warns virologist

04/12/2024 // Ethan Huff // 3.5K Views

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World-renowned Belgian virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has another warning for the public: the mass collapse of immunity among the fully vaccinated is upon us.In a recent appearance on the KunstlerCast podcast, Bossche predicted a soon-coming "massive, massive tsunami" of illness and death among those who got "vaccinated" for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), whose immune systems are now unspeakably compromised.
The result of this coming wave of mass illness and death is sure to completely overwhelm the health care sector, not to mention the economy-wide impact in terms of eventual total economic failure and social chaos.
It will start to be noticeable, Bossche explained, with a spike in cases of what the system will dub as "long COVID." Once those cases really start stacking up, then comes the massive wave of illness and death, which Bossche says is inevitable.
"You will see what will happen, for example, in the next coming weeks ... is more and more cases of more serious long COVID," Bossche said. "They will start to replace the surge of the cancers ... now we have a more chronic phase."
"It will end with a hyper-acute phase, a huge, huge wave ... I've been studying this now for four years. I know what I'm talking about."
(Related: Back in 2022, Bossche warned that "the vaccinated" are responsible for unleashing the "end of Western civilization.")
"We will have to build a completely new world," Bossche says

Claiming himself to be one of the, if not the, only person who understands the immunology behind all this, Bossche says the coming crisis is "imminent," meaning it will happen at any moment and likely take most of the world by surprise.
The health collapse and crisis it brings will result in a total failure of the system, after which Bossche says "we will have to build a completely new world."
"It is very, very clear that when this starts, our hospitals will collapse," Bossche warned. "And that means the chaos in all kinds of layers of society – financial, economic, social, you name it – will be complete."
In other words, it would seem as though COVID is what really got the dominoes of the current world order falling. And by the time it gets to the end, all that will remain is ash and dust from which a phoenix will then rise to recreate a new world order.
"It's very strange for me to make such statements, but I'm not hiding it because I'm 200 percent convinced that it will happen," Bossche stated ominously.
"You commit errors or even crimes at the very small scale, you can hide them – I've seen this happen with the Ebola vaccination with Africa a number of years ago. However, if you do this at the very large scale, like what has happened with this mass (COVID) vaccination campaign, the truth will surface."
Those responsible for unleashing Operation Warp Speed and the COVID "pandemic" at large will continue lying to the people about what is going on, even as it is going on. They will pretend as though they only tried to "help" when the reality is that they unleashed a mass genocide event that is taking several years to fully manifest.
"If these people would now go out and say, 'Yeah, wait a minute, we have been making some mistakes, it wasn't all right, we have to correct them, we have to revise our opinion,' these people will be stoned in the streets," Bossche added.
"They can only hope that something will happen that will distract from this issue, but it won't."
More of the latest news about the after-effects of Operation Warp Speed can be found at Genocide.news.
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