GAO Investigating DHS Ammo Purchases

AUTHOR John Hawkins

Republicans in Congress have introduced the AMMO ACT to limit enormous Department of Homeland Security Ammo Purchases. This comes after complaints that the DHS is buying 1000 more rounds per person than the army and may actually be driving up the cost of ammunition for the general public.

Well now, the Government Accountability Office is getting into the act. They’re going to be investigating the large bullet buys by the DHS. GAO spokesman Chuck Young say the investigation of the ammo purchases is, “just getting underway.”

So far, this is how government is supposed to work. People perceive a problem, Congress looks into it and there’s an investigation. Now, let’s see what the answers to the questions turn out to be.

Video at the Page Link:

Why is the DHS stockpiling so much ammo? Are they just buying in bulk to save money or are they wasting your tax dollars? Let’s get to the bottom of it and if it turns out they’re acting irresponsibly, then Congress should close the purse strings and limit how much ammo they’re buying.

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