Gender “fluidity” is based on delusional FAKE SCIENCE, just like Covid “vaccines” and most prescription medications

07/09/2023 // S.D. Wells // 220 Views

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Biology is a branch of science that deals with living organisms and their vital processes, including human genetics, anatomy, and physiology. Unfortunately, biological sex is now being confused or convoluted with "gender" language in our society, even though the two sexes are completely differentiated by females who have ovaries and produce eggs, and males who have testes and produce sperm (hence the different sex chromosomes, where females have 2 X chromosomes, and males have 1 X and 1 Y chromosome).
Yet, the allopathic masses, who claim to only "follow the science" when it comes to healthcare, are living in complete DENIAL when it comes to the science of gender, somehow claiming that men can have babies and breastfeed, and women can get each other pregnant by having sex. It's called "gender fluidity," and any person can switch genders, back and forth, at any time, any day they choose, according to the liberals, Leftists, and allopathic "pro-science" hypocrites.
It's a gender-bender cult, and if you disagree with them in any way, then you are "offending" them, "attacking" them, and you are labeled a gay-bashing hater who commits "hate crimes" worthy of jail sentences. You simply cannot make this stuff up, as it's happening all across the country, especially in Democrat-run and controlled metro cities, school systems, and all over every platform on social media.
A child's biological sex, male or female, is determined by the chromosome that the male parent contributes

The science behind gender is quite simple, as DNA shows whether someone is male or female. There are no contentions here, but the Democrats, liberals, and anti-science, "pro-science" gender-confused masses don't see it that way. When it comes to gender choice and climate change, they don't want anything to do with science, because it disproves their "cultist" stances. If they were to look into their deadly prescription medications and clot shot Covid "vaccines" a little further, they would find out those are not really based on proper science research or legitimate clinical trials either.

The true motives behind supporting the gender-bender drugs and surgeries don't have so much to do with the adults trying to attract other adults to their perversions, but more so to brainwash children and teens into their cultist ways, and it's just plain sick, twisted, abusive, and delusional. With all the child trafficking, kidnapping, and slave trade going on, including in America, you would think these folks would want to be more careful about how they treat and influence children, but it's just the opposite.
The entire "gender-affirming care" movement is rooted in fake science, where parents, psychiatrists, and surgeons all pretend that hormone drugs and genitalia-mutilation surgery can change someone's gender. Big Pharma and Big Tech are "all in" because of the money and the politics of it all.
The fake science "community" (cult) believes in switching genders, climate change, prescription drugs, and vaccines

Should anyone challenge the fake science "community" at any time with real science and facts, those people are labeled "anti-science" bigots who are engaging in "hate speech" and deserve jail time for it. The fake science cult is a ZERO TOLERANCE world where only the other cult members who believe in fake science are accepted.
This fake-gender "science" includes GSM (gender and sexual minorities), GNC (gender non-conforming, like agender, genderfluid, and pangender, where you can't tell what gender the person is), MSM/WSM (basically bi-sexual), CD (cross dressers), FAAB (assigned a gender at birth based on genitalia), QUILTBAG (encompasses queer, undecided, lesbian, bi-sexual, and trans-anything), and then there's QTPOC (queer or trans people of color). Should anyone guess any one of these "identities" wrongly, they are automatically labeled a bigot full of hate speech that should be fired from any job and face jail time for being offensive and attacking the QUILTBAGS, according to the alphabet cult.
And all of that, along with climate change and vaccines, is FAKE SCIENCE for the sheeple. Tune your internet dial to for updates on extreme liberals with hidden agendas trying to turn normal kids into gender-confused freaks.
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Gender “fluidity” is based on delusional FAKE SCIENCE, just like Covid “vaccines” and most prescription medications –