George Soros cedes control of $25 billion empire to his leftist son, who is inclined to help criminals roam free

Wednesday, June 14, 2023 by: Arsenio Toledo
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(Natural News) The notorious left-wing billionaire and political activist George Soros have decided to cede control of his $25 billion empire to his son Alex, who is expected to be even more politically engaged than his father.
Soros, 92, announced in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that he was giving up control over his financial institutions as well as his political vehicle, the Open Society Foundations, to his 37-year-old son.
Alex has served as the Open Society Foundations’ chairman of the board since December 2022, and currently directs its political activity as president of his political action committee, the Democracy PAC. The Democracy PAC has backed the election campaigns of district attorneys and law enforcement officials all over the U.S. who seek to reduce incarceration rates and supposedly get rid of “racial bias” in the justice system.
In short, Alex is inclined to help criminals roam free.
The elder Soros previously stated that he did not want his Open Society Foundations to be taken over by one of his five children “as a matter of principle.” But, now he is saying that Alex has “earned” the right to take over his empire. He is the only Soros family member in the investment committee overseeing Soros Fund Management, which handles the finances of the family and the foundation. (Related: Son of George Soros scoring easy White House access, records show.)
The Open Society Foundations is active in more than 120 countries around the world and funnels more than $1.5 billion annually to liberal and progressive organizations, supposedly to promote human rights and the growth of democracies.
Alex Soros is “more political” than his father

The elder Soros claimed he and Alex “think alike,” and Alex himself has told the Wall Street Journal that he is far “more political” than his father and he plans to continue using his family’s fortune to back left-wing politicians in the United States.
Alex recently met with several officials within the administration of President Joe Biden, as well as with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Brazilian socialist President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Canadian liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. His meetings were reportedly about him advocating for issues related to the family foundation.
Alex noted that he would broaden the foundation’s priorities to include voting rights, abortion and gender equity.
“We are going to double down on defending voting rights and personal freedom at home and supporting the cause of democracy abroad,” said one spokesperson for Alex Soros.
Alex has hinted that he wants to use his family’s finances to play a major financial role in the 2024 presidential election to prevent former President Donald Trump’s return to the White House.
“As much as I would love to get money out of politics, as long as the other side is doing it, we will have to do it too,” he said.
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George Soros cedes control of $25 billion empire to his leftist son, who is inclined to help criminals roam free –