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    [i][b]There was a man teaching a class one day, and this man, he didn’t believe in God.
    As he addressed his class he looked up at the ceiling and Said “God if your real then strike me down off this stool

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    Winter's Prison
    by: momofnextpres or xxxx xxxxxxx

    Walking down the long winding road,
    Admiring the soft baby blue sky,
    Spring's soft wind blowing across my face,
    From across the golden field I spy a majastic stallion,
    He's running from the winter that was his prison,
    His mane is swimming through the air like an ocean wave at
    sun set,
    His beautiful neighing singing the songs of his freedom
    from winter's cold embrace,
    As flowers dance in rejoice to the sound of spring's new
    I ponder the thoughts of natures reason,
    It's gifts from heaven through out all seasons.

    Copyright ©2007 xxxxxx xxxxxxx

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    O God, the God that saveth me,
    Remove my guilty stains,
    And I will sing Thy righteousness
    In grateful, joyous praise.

    O Lord, now open Thou my lips,
    Long closed by sin and shame;
    My mouth shall show before the world
    The glory of Thy Name.

    No sacrifice dost Thou desire,
    Else would I give it Thee;
    Nor with appointed offerings
    Wilt Thou delighted be.

    A broken spirit is to God
    A pleasing sacrifice;
    A broken and a contrite heart
    Thou, Lord, will not despise.

    Do good to Zion in Thy grace,
    Her ruined walls restore;
    Then sacrifice of righteousness
    Shall please Thee as of yore.

    Thy people then, with willing hands
    And hearts that Thou hast blest,
    Shall bring in thankful sacrifice
    Their choicest gifts and best.

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    Father in high Heaven dwelling,
    May our evening song be telling
    Of Thy mercy large and free:
    Through the day Thy love hath fed us,
    Through the day Thy care hath led us
    With divinest charity.

    This day’s sins, O pardon, Savior,
    Evil thoughts, perverse behavior,
    Envy, pride, and vanity;
    From the world, the flesh, deliver,
    Save us now, and save us ever,
    O Lamb of Calvary!

    From enticements of the devil,
    From the might of spirits evil,
    Be our shield and panoply:
    Let Thy pow’r this night defend us,
    And a heavenly peace attend us,
    And angelic company.

    While the night dews are distilling,
    Holy Ghost, each heart be filling
    With Thine own serenity:
    Softly let our eyes be closing
    Loving souls on Thee reposing,
    Ever blessèd Trinity.

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    This week we are doing songs about the 10 commandments
    The not so funny thing is we cant find enough songs about them

    That man a godly life might live,
    God did these Ten Commandments give
    By His true servant Moses, high
    Upon the Mount Sinai.
    Have mercy, Lord!

    I am thy God and Lord alone,
    No other God before Me own;
    Put thy whole confidence in Me
    And love Me e’er cordially.
    Have mercy, Lord!

    By idle word and speech profane
    Take not My holy Name in vain
    And praise but that as good and true
    Which I Myself say and do.
    Have mercy, Lord!

    Hallow the day which God hath blest
    That thou and all thy house may rest;
    Keep hand and heart from labor free
    That God may so work in thee.
    Have mercy, Lord!

    Give to thy parents honor due,
    Be dutiful, and loving, too,
    And help them when their strength decays,
    So shalt thou have length of days.
    Have mercy, Lord!

    Kill thou not out of evil will,
    Nor hate, nor render ill for ill;
    Be patient and of gentle mood,
    And to thy foe do thou good.
    Have mercy, Lord.

    Be faithful to thy marriage vows,
    Thy heart give only to thy spouse;
    Thy life keep pure, and lest thou sin,
    Use temperance and discipline.
    Have mercy, Lord!

    Steal not; oppressive acts abhor;
    Nor wring their life blood from the poor;
    But open wide thy loving hand
    To all the poor in the land.
    Have mercy, Lord.

    Bear not false witness nor belie
    Thy neighbor by foul calumny.
    Defend his innocence from blame;
    With charity hide his shame.
    Have mercy, Lord!

    Thy neighbor’s house desire thou not,
    His wife, nor aught that he hath got,
    But wish that his such good may be
    As thy heart doth wish for thee.
    Have mercy, Lord!

    God these commandments gave therein
    To show thee, child of man, thy sin
    And make thee also well perceive
    How man unto God should live.
    Have mercy, Lord!

    Help us, Lord Jesus Christ, for we
    A Mediator have in Thee.
    Our works cannot salvation gain;
    They merit but endless pain.
    Have mercy, Lord!

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    Blessing and honor and glory and power,
    Wisdom and riches and strength evermore
    Give ye to Him Who our battle hath won
    Whose are the kingdom, the crown, and the throne.

    Into the heav’n of the heav’ns hath He gone,
    Sitteth He now in the joy of the throne,
    Weareth He now of the kingdom the crown,
    Singeth He now the new song with His own.

    Soundeth the Heaven of the heavens with His Name;
    Ringeth the earth with His glory and fame;
    Ocean and mountain, stream, forest, and flower
    Echo His praises and tell of His power.

    Past are the darkness, the storm, and the war,
    Come is the radiance, that sparkles afar,
    Breaketh the gleam of the day without end,
    Riseth the Sun that shall never descend.

    Ever ascendeth the song and the joy;
    Ever descendeth the love from on high;
    Blessing and honor and glory and praise,
    This is the theme of the hymns that we raise.

    Life of all life, and true Light of all light,
    Star of the dawning unchangingly bright,
    Sun of the Salem whose light is the Lamb,
    Theme of the ever new, ever glad psalm!

    Give we the glory and praise to the Lamb;
    Take we the robe and the harp and the palm;
    Sing we the song of the Lamb that was slain,
    Dying in weakness, but rising to reign.

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    One there is, above all others,
    Well deserves the name of Friend;
    His is love beyond a brother’s,
    Costly, free, and knows no end:
    They who once His kindness prove,
    Find it everlasting love!

    Which of all our friends to save us,
    Could or would have shed their blood?
    But our Jesus died to have us
    Reconciled, in Him to God:
    This was boundless love indeed!
    Jesus is a Friend in need.

    Men, when raised to lofty stations,
    Often know their friends no more;
    Slight and scorn their poor relations
    Though they valued them before.
    But our Savior always owns
    Those whom He redeemed with groans.

    When He lived on earth abasèd,
    Friend of sinners was His name;
    Now, above all glory raisèd,
    He rejoices in the same:
    Still He calls them brethren, friends,
    And to all their wants attends.

    Could we bear from one another,
    What He daily bears from us?
    Yet this glorious Friend and Brother,
    Loves us though we treat Him thus:
    Though for good we render ill,
    He accounts us brethren still.

    O for grace our hearts to soften!
    Teach us, Lord, at length to love;
    We, alas! forget too often,
    What a Friend we have above:
    But when home our souls are brought,
    We will love Thee as we ought.

    [b]There is a Name I love to hear,
    I love to sing its worth;
    It sounds like music in my ear,
    The sweetest Name on earth.

    O how I love Jesus,
    O how I love Jesus,
    O how I love Jesus,
    Because He first loved me!

    It tells me of a Savior’s love,
    Who died to set me free;
    It tells me of His precious blood,
    The sinner’s perfect plea.

    It tells me of a Father’s smile
    Beaming upon His child;
    It cheers me through this little while,
    Through desert, waste, and wild.

    It tells me what my Father hath
    In store for every day,
    And though I tread a darksome path,
    Yields sunshine all the way.

    It tells of One whose loving heart
    Can feel my deepest woe;
    Who in each sorrow bears
    A part that none can bear below.

    It bids my trembling heart rejoice.
    It dries each rising tear.
    It tells me, in a “still small voice,

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    We praise Thee, O Lord, for the bountiful harvest
    That now has been gathered and garnered with care;
    Rewarding the toil of the sower and reaper,
    While all in its blessings may share.

    For the bountiful harvest
    We praise Thee, we thank Thee and bless Thee, O Lord:
    For the bountiful harvest
    We praise Thee and bless Thee, O Lord

    We praise Thee, O Lord, for the bountiful harvest,
    We praise Thee for sunshine, the dew and the rain;
    For soft summer breezes so gracefully bending
    The bright golden billows of grain.

    We praise Thee, O Lord, for the wonderful token
    That shines as it shone on Thy servants of old,
    The pledge and assurance that seedtime and harvest
    From earth Thou wilt never withhold.

    We praise Thee, O Lord, for Thy wonderful mercies,
    And while to Thy glory our voices we raise,
    O Thou that regardest the prayers of Thy people,
    Accept our thanksgiving and praise.

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    Creation’s Lord, we give Thee thanks
    That this Thy world is incomplete;
    That battle calls our marshaled ranks;
    That work awaits our hands and feet.

    That Thou hast not yet finished man;
    That we are in the making still,
    As friends who share the Maker’s plan
    As sons who know the Father’s will.

    Beyond the present sin and shame,
    Wrong’s bitter, cruel, scorching blight,
    We see the beckoning vision flame,
    The blessèd kingdom of the right.

    What though the kingdom long delay,
    And still with haughty foes must cope?
    It gives us that for which to pray,
    A field for toil and faith and hope.

    Since what we choose is what we are,
    And what we love we yet shall be,
    The goal may ever shine afar—
    The will to win it makes us free.

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    O give thanks, give thanks unto the Lord,
    For He is good, and His mercy endureth forever.
    To Him which led His people through the wilderness,
    For He is good, and His mercy endureth forever.
    He turnèd the wilderness into a standing water,
    And dry ground into water springs.
    Strengthen ye the weak hands and confirm the feeble knees,
    Say to them that are of a fearful heart,
    Be strong, fear not, behold your God will come with a recompense.
    Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened
    And the ears of the deaf, of the deaf unstoppèd.
    And a highway shall be there,
    And it shall be callèd the way, the way of holiness,
    The unclean shall not pass over it,
    The unclean shall not pass over it,
    But the redeemèd of the Lord shall walk therein;
    And the ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion,
    To Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads,
    They shall obtain joy and gladness,
    And sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

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