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    If we pray to God, and truly we trust in him, our prayers will be answerd. Maybe not how we picture, but how he requires.

    Seek the Lord who now is present, pray to One who is at hand.
    Let the wicked cease from sinning, evildoers change their mind.
    On the sinful God has pity; those returning God forgives.
    This is what the Lord is saying to a world that disbelieves.

    “Judge Me not by human standards! As the vault of heaven soars
    High above the earth, so higher are my thoughts and ways than yours.
    See how rain and snow from heaven make earth blossom and bear fruit,
    Giving you, before returning, seed for sowing, bread to eat:

    “So My Word returns not fruitless; does not from its labors cease
    Till it has achieved My purpose in a world of joy and peace.”
    God is love! How close the prophet to that vital gospel word!
    In Isaiah’s inspiration it is Jesus we have heard!
    (Fred P. Green)

    Sorry Guys Ive been in the field running things latley.

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    All Americans have directly advanced ground every day over this criminal opposition. We will only backslide if we fail to remember who gave us working abilities in the first place. This battle can only be won through him.

    I’m pressing on the upward way,
    New heights I’m gaining every day;
    Still praying as I’m onward bound,
    “Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.”

    Lord, lift me up and let me stand,
    By faith, on Heaven’s table land,
    A higher plane than I have found;
    Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.
    My heart has no desire to stay
    Where doubts arise and fears dismay;
    Though some may dwell where those abound,
    My prayer, my aim, is higher ground.

    I want to live above the world,
    Though Satan’s darts at me are hurled;
    For faith has caught the joyful sound,
    The song of saints on higher ground.

    I want to scale the utmost height
    And catch a gleam of glory bright;
    But still I’ll pray till Heav’n I’ve found,
    “Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.”
    (Johnson Oatman Jr.)

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    Tonight I wanted to write to you guys about history, but I keep going back to the thoughts Im having of a guy who posted today he has feelings of giving up and feelings of worthlessness in this the saddest, but necessary, very hard battle.

    Our opponent is strong willed, slick and most of all dishonest, it only knows con and thievery , corruptness and hatred. The one thing I can think of most of when I meet a battle like that, is to remember that the devil him self knows God and was in heaven once.

    I love the Lord, His strength is mine;
    He is my God, I trust His grace;
    My Fortress high, my Shield divine,
    My Savior and my Hiding Place.
    From God the victory I receive;
    Most perfect is His holy way;
    His Word is tried, they who believe
    Will find the Lord their Shield and Stay.
    For who is God, and strong to save,
    Beside the Lord, our God of might?
    ’Tis He that makes me strong and brave,
    The Lord Who guides my steps aright.
    Thy free salvation is my shield,
    My sure defense in every strait;
    Thy hand upholds me, lest I yield;
    Thy gentleness has made me great.


    God of our fathers, the strength of our people and nation,
    Gladly we come to Thy presence with true adoration,
    Seeking Thy face, trusting Thy love and Thy grace,
    Thou art our health and salvation.
    God of all mercy, for pardon and peace we implore Thee,
    Humbly confessing our faults and our failures before Thee.
    Children of men, falling and rising again,
    Still give us grace to adore Thee.
    God of the poor and the weak, to our prayer now attending,
    Teach us to follow the Master of all men in blending
    Worship with deed, praises with service to need,
    All men in His Name befriending.
    God of all peoples, let justice and peace like a river
    Flow through the world until all, in one common endeavor,
    Build among men brotherhood’s kingdom, and then
    Thine be the glory forever.
    (Winfred E. Garrison)

    We all gain strength from The Lord. Tomorrow, a day of rest, to regain the strength. Monday we will begin again in his name.
    enervate not;
    Through his words swing the mighty sword in battle.

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    oh so deleted

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    Back a few years ago we all took in what the big shots in Washington said, say and where planning to voice, about the Illegal immigration problems that our country was facing. Most Americans believed in them. Be it through a combination of faith and unified hope that we could never be deceived. Or just blindness, we still held faith in a man a human being who no mater what, was born into sin. Its time All of American pulls together and puts that faith into some one else.
    Promises, unified whole

    Standing on the promises of Christ my King,
    Through eternal ages let His praises ring,
    Glory in the highest, I will shout and sing,
    Standing on the promises of God.

    Standing, standing,
    Standing on the promises of God my Savior;
    Standing, standing,
    I’m standing on the promises of God

    Standing on the promises that cannot fail,
    When the howling storms of doubt and fear assail,
    By the living Word of God I shall prevail,
    Standing on the promises of God.

    Standing on the promises I now can see
    Perfect, present cleansing in the blood for me;
    Standing in the liberty where Christ makes free,
    Standing on the promises of God.

    Standing on the promises of Christ the Lord,
    Bound to Him eternally by love’s strong cord,
    Overcoming daily with the Spirit’s sword,
    Standing on the promises of God.

    Standing on the promises I cannot fall,
    Listening every moment to the Spirit’s call
    Resting in my Savior as my all in all,
    Standing on the promises of God.

    Standing on his promise we shall win tomorrows battle. We shall not fail the next days to come. He gave us this country so to the we can sing.

    O beautiful for spacious skies,
    For amber waves of grain;
    For purple mountain majesties
    Above the fruited plain!
    America! America!
    God shed His grace on thee,
    And crown thy good with brotherhood,
    From sea to shining sea.

    O beautiful for heroes proved
    In liberating strife,
    Who more than self their country loved,
    And mercy more than life!
    America! America!
    May God thy gold refine,
    Till all success be nobleness,
    And every gain divine.

    O beautiful for patriot dream
    That sees beyond the years
    Thine alabaster cities gleam,
    Undimmed by human tears!
    America! America!
    God mend thine every flaw,
    Confirm thy soul in self control,
    Thy liberty in law.

    God mend thine every flaw

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    How much time must Americans spend trying to be heard, before George W. Bush will listen? We all listen to state of after state of the union address, and he says he is doing what Americans want to have done, but then the reports show different. Some one could send him this little song and maybe an atlas with directions to the answers and then we might get the changes and then again probably not.

    How many roads must a man walk down
    Before you call him a man?
    Yes, 'n' how many seas must a white dove sail
    Before she sleeps in the sand?
    Yes, 'n' how many times must the cannon balls fly
    Before they're forever banned?
    The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
    The answer is blowin' in the wind.

    How many times must a man look up
    Before he can see the sky?
    Yes, 'n' how many ears must one man have
    Before he can hear people cry?
    Yes, 'n' how many deaths will it take till he knows
    That too many people have died?
    The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
    The answer is blowin' in the wind.

    How many years can a mountain exist
    Before it's washed to the sea?
    Yes, 'n' how many years can some people exist
    Before they're allowed to be free?
    Yes, 'n' how many times can a man turn his head,
    Pretending he just doesn't see?
    The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
    The answer is blowin' in the wind.

    How many years longer, How many times more, How many roads more Mr Bush, Just how many do you need. How many lives are enough lives Goerge. Your answer Sir, is blowing in the wind today. Reach out a listen. Reach out.

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    Finale some time off.
    I can get back to giving Gods Gift to you guys and gals. I feel so tired, I missed a few days I hope work can slow down, as I spend more time on The Lords words ,the gift the gift I carry with me every where I go.
    Today I want to spend some time to talk about how not to give up just for the sakeof being sick and tired of the oppositions. Especially when you feel like the opposition is on your side or try to trick you into believing they are. The Devil comes with many a mask.

    I can only think of one song that gives me the answers. I want to share it with you. We can rest when we get to meet the father face to face.

    Sing the wondrous love of Jesus,
    Sing His mercy and His grace.
    In the mansions bright and blessèd
    He’ll prepare for us a place.When we all get to Heaven,
    What a day of rejoicing that will be!
    When we all see Jesus,
    We’ll sing and shout the victory!
    While we walk the pilgrim pathway,
    Clouds will overspread the sky;
    But when traveling days are over,
    Not a shadow, not a sigh.
    Let us then be true and faithful,
    Trusting, serving every day;
    Just one glimpse of Him in glory
    Will the toils of life repay.
    Onward to the prize before us!
    Soon His beauty we’ll behold;
    Soon the pearly gates will open;
    We shall tread the streets of gold.

    Faith is a living power from Heaven
    That grasps the promise God hath given,
    A trust that cannot be o’erthrown,
    Fixed heartily on Christ alone.
    Faith finds in Christ whate’er we need
    To save or strengthen us indeed,
    Receives the grace He sends us down,
    And makes us share His cross and crown.
    Faith in the conscience worketh peace,
    And bids the mourner’s weeping cease;
    By faith the children’s place we claim,
    And give all honor to one Name.
    Faith feels the Spirit’s kindling breath
    In love and hope that conquer death;
    Faith worketh hourly joy in God,
    And trusts and blesses e’en the rod.
    We thank Thee then, O God of Heaven,
    That Thou to us this faith hast given
    In Jesus Christ Thy Son, Who is
    Our only fount and source of bliss.
    And from His fullness grant each soul
    The rightful faith’s true end and goal,
    The blessedness no foes destroy,
    Eternal love and light and joy.

    When the day is almost over and there is much more to be done, sing this song and the light will lead you to the next day. stonger then ever! Carry it to God in the words of your prayer.

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    I would rather live my life for God and die and go to the grave finding out then there was no God, then live my life like there was no God and then get to heaven and find out, there he is.


    Our Father, who art in heaven,

    Hallowed be thy Name.

    Thy kingdom come.

    Thy will be done,

    On earth as it is in heaven.

    Give us this day our daily bread.

    And forgive us our trespasses,

    As we forgive those who trespass against us.

    And lead us not into temptation,

    But deliver us from evil.

    For thine is the kingdom,

    and the power,

    and the glory,

    for ever and ever.


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    Just Because he lives, I will face tomorrow And just because he lives I share my tomorrow with you, Red Yellow Black and White we are all precious in his sight.

    He made this day for us all. He made tomorrow for rest.


    For many Americans, Sunday is a day of rest. After a busy week of business transactions and work routines, it is a day to pause and focus on faith and family. However, it is not a day to waste away by doing nothing. It is a day for many to attend church and to worship with their local community. This notion is based on the Biblical account of creation when God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. For this reason, one day is set aside during the week as a day of rest and worship. On Sunday most department stores and business are closed for the day and only places of entertainment and culture may be open to the public.
    Sometimes when we read the newspapers and watch TV, we get the false impression that American is an amoral society where people have no respect for family and religious values. This concept is often exploited by tabloid papers and the foreign press but nothing could be further from the truth. In spite of the apparent carefree attitude sometimes projected by the press, many Americans, especially those living in the rural areas and the deep south, are very traditional in their approach to life, family and religion. Sundays for them still become a time to attend their local church and to meet with their fellow parishioners. The church service becomes for them the center of their day's activities.
    At the church service, a choir composed of members from the community sings hymns and songs and the preacher or minister delivers a sermon based on a passage from the Gospel. In some Christian churches there is also a communion service where a ritual remembrance of the Last Supper is reenacted in a fellowship which concludes the liturgy. After the service, which may last as long as an hour, the members of the congregation along with their pastor may meet in the parish hall to enjoy coffee and cake and to socialize together. This is also the time to exchange social greetings and ideas with one another, to become informed of the needs of the community, and to find out about the latest happenings in the parish.
    Most churches may also distribute a small bulletin containing announcements of births, deaths and marriages within the community.

    There may also be additional short notices of special meetings to be held in the parish ,such as choir rehearsals,
    senior citizen group activities and local scouting events. Upcoming parish events sponsored by the church also get ample notice. Such events may include a bake sale to collect money for shut-ins, a cook-out for the underprivileged in a local park, or a holiday trip to a local resort for members of the parish council.
    Belonging to a church is important to many Americans because it helps to bring people together with others who share the same religious faith and family values.

    It also helps to create a sense of the extended family and solidifies the community spirit and a sense of personal belonging. On the remainder of this day of rest, families are merged into closely knit units by getting together for a dinner at which one's own extended family is invited.
    If one is not a regular churchgoer the day is still a chance to rest. It is spent visiting other relatives or friends, going to parks or attending ball games, museums or concerts. It is a time to enrich one's life through leisure and to prepare one's mind for the workweek to follow.


    One more day’s work for Jesus,
    One less of life for me!
    But Heav’n is nearer, and Christ is clearer
    Than yesterday, to me.
    His love and light fill all my soul tonight.

    One more day’s work for Jesus,
    One more day’s work for Jesus,
    One more day’s work for Jesus,
    One less of life for me!

    One more day’s work for Jesus!
    How sweet the work has been,
    To tell the story, to show the glory,
    Where Christ’s flock enters in!
    How it did shine in this poor heart of mine.

    One more day’s work for Jesus!
    O yes, a weary day;
    But Heav’n shines clearer, and rest comes nearer,
    At each step of the way;
    And Christ in all, before His face I fall.

    O blessèd work for Jesus!
    O rest at Jesus’ feet!
    There toil seems pleasure, my wants are treasure,
    And pain for Him is sweet.
    Lord, if I may, I’ll serve another day!

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    Never Give up the hope my friends,
    nor loose faith in the lord


    My faith temptation shall not move,
    For Jesus knows it all,
    And holds me with His arm of love—
    He will not let me fall.

    He will not let me fall,
    He will not let me fall,
    He is my Strength, my Hope, my All,
    He will not let me fall.

    When grief is more than I can bear—
    To weak am I to call—
    If I but lift my heart in prayer,
    He will not let me fall.

    Sometimes I falter, filled with fear,
    I cannot see at all,
    His voice I never fail to hear—
    “I will not let thee fall.”
    (Alfred Ackley)

    Let there be peace on earth
    And let it begin with me;
    Let there be peace on earth,
    The peace that was meant to be.
    With God as our Father
    Brothers all are we,
    Let me walk with my brother
    In perfect harmony.*
    Let peace begin with me,
    Let this be the moment now;
    With every step I take,
    Let this be my solemn vow:
    To take each moment and live each moment
    In peace eternally.
    Let there be peace on earth
    And let it begin with me.
    With God our Creator
    Family all are we,
    Let us walk with each other
    In perfect harmony

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