Globalists push transhumanism agenda with computer chips inserted into humans via COVID injections

Wednesday, March 09, 2022 by: Kevin Hughes

(Natural News) The globalists or global elites are pushing their transhumanism agenda through computer chips that will be inserted into humans via the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) injections.
According to investigative reporter and filmmaker Maryam Henein, the blending of man and machine has already begun a few years ago when Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum founder and executive chairman, talked about microchips on clothes and on human skin and brain.
“It’s basically a fusion between machine and mankind. He [Schwab] talked about this a couple years ago. I believe it starts with the clothes — wearables, as he said — and then it goes into an implantable chip,” Henein said during her guest appearance in an episode of Clay Clark’s “Thrivetime Show.”
Henein also discussed with Clark Elon Musk’s Neuralink, 5G and the nanotechnology created by Charles Lieber.
Neuralink to start human trials this year

The investigative journalist mentioned that Musk’s company Neuralink will start human trials this year, but revealed that 15 monkeys have already died during its animal trials. (Related: Ethical questions raised after Elon Musk’s Neuralink company implants chip in monkey’s brain.)
“How can we proceed with humans if we have lost about 15 monkeys that have died as a consequence of meddling with their brain? So for instance, we look at these veterinary records that I acquired through the Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine who are suing UC Davis, and acquired documents, not including video and cameras,” Henein said.
“What happened is that this monkey died, the 15th monkey. And then Neuralink went to UC Davis, deleted the videos and the images [after copying] them and then stopped doing business with UC Davis. And now, [they] are operating in a private lab, kind of like Ex Machina, the sci-fi thriller, where they’re experimenting in Fremont and outside Austin.”
Henein mentioned a monkey picking at a defective cranial implant and said some of the monkeys have gotten up to 10 surgeries, while some have been euthanized before the experiment even began.
Interestingly, Musk’s company told the media that the monkey trials were a success and that it is now moving forward to start experimenting on humans.
The documentary filmmaker revealed that there were 68,000 primates tested and taxpayers are paying $20 billion a year for animal experiments, according to the White Coat Waste Project. She also presented video from Neuralink where it claimed that the animals are taken care of.
Humans are genetically modified by jabs

“They’re genetically modifying us with these jabs. Of course, there are different types of jabs being given. And this is a ten-year lockstep plan. So we have to think in the future that again, machine will have melded with mankind or quasi-machines, and we will no longer be the humans that we are now. I say that we are the last of the non-genetically modified humans, the ones who have chosen not to take an experimental gene therapy jab,” Henein explained.
“So this is nefarious. It’s being sold. Musk is selling it as it will help people with paralysis. It will help people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. We know by now that it’s always sold to us [not] for the public good or our supposed health, but for control.”
Clark also presented an audio clip of Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, a top advisor for Schwab, saying that the coming generations of human beings will learn how to engineer their bodies, brains and minds.
Henein took note that Harari said humans are now “hackable animals” but cast doubt that there will be humans who would want to be part in Musk’s experiments to be one of the first to have AI capabilities. She also cited that Lieber has already made this possible as the nanotech king when he created the neural lace and sold it as a means to keep up with the AI that might dominate the world.
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