GLOBALISTS weaponized the food supply toward starvation because COVID-19 vaccines were not enough to depopulate the world, Mike Adams tells Maria Zeee

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The globalists' depopulation effort is universal, and they are trying to exterminate more than seven billion people in the world right in every synergistic possible way they can. This was according to Health Ranger Mike Adams.The once-considered conspiracy theory of the weaponization of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, is now becoming a fact, with shreds of evidence that these "experimental" jabs have dispatched a countless numbers of lives. But the New World Order (NWO) just would not stop, because those who did not die from the vaccines or the engineered virus itself, should expire from starvation or the genetically modified "Frankenfoods."
"We've seen the beginning of this in the Netherlands, where they've seized 1000s of farms… but that's just the beginning. We're seeing the mass slaughter of cows ordered by the government in Ireland. We're also seeing the globalists' effort to replace real meat with basically cancer tumor synthetic meat that's grown, harvested and turned into a so-called beef patty or a chicken nugget type of thing. But you're just eating cancer, tumor flesh," Adams told Maria Zeee in a recent episode of "Zeee Media."
If one does acquire cancer and other disease from the "tumor filet," they might also endorse a cricket McNugget or have some kind of insect larva or black soldier fly larva or even Soylent Green, he warned. "Cannibalism will become a feature of the world as the famine kicks in and it's all engineered," he added, noting that the shutdown has already come. He went on to cite the extreme weather patterns across the world right now as the result of geoengineering.

These climate manipulation efforts bring crop failures, droughts, and even floods that eventually bring on food scarcity and the weaponization of the food supply. "I just did a story on Natural News about 13 nations including Australia, signing an agreement to engineer a global famine based on methane emission. They will shut down food and farms and they've declared agriculture to be a threat to the planet," he said about the globalists' plan. "This is the next agenda. Whoever doesn't die from the vaccines will be subjected to starving to death. And that will affect indigenous populations disproportionately, by the way, unless they're growing their food. (Related: 13 Nations agree to engineer global FAMINE by destroying agriculture, saying that producing food is BAD for the planet.)
In line with this Zeee cited a new law in Australia saying that "if you disturb more than 50 centimeters of soil on your land, you have to hire an Aboriginal consultant to come and tell you whether that land is sacred or not." The truth is, according to the Australian independent media source founder, this is a United Nations land grab of Australia, essentially, pretending that land is sacred and that they care about the indigenous people.
"But really just weaponizing them to take the lands of the citizens," she lamented. Adams was quick to agree saying that no one has suffered more under the cabal of the globalist agenda than the indigenous populations in Australia and other nations. For example, the Aborigines were forced to take the toxic jabs, adding that in the U.S., depopulation efforts are targeted at people of color.
"So, again, indigenous populations should be peacefully rising and speaking out against this agenda instead of agreeing with it just because they might be getting for extra benefit of some kind or some extra reparations handout. In California, that's being talked about to take money from white people and hand it out to people of color and call that justice. It's an insane agenda," he pointed out.
Adams: Grow a guerilla garden, turn to private crypto to steer clear of full government control

With all these shocking and alarming news of food supply attacks and starvation depopulating the world, the two agreed on seeing a silver lining on top of all these. Being able to see every worst possible scenario, we are given a chance to be prepared, Zeee said encouraging Adams to disclose the prepper's take on these matters. Adams wrote "Resilient Prepping" audiobook, which teaches practical principles for multi-layered survival and preparedness strategies that work in high-tech, low-tech and NO-tech scenarios.
"In terms of food, of course, it's relatively easy to learn to grow some amount of food, but don't do it in a way that's recognizable as a garden. Instead, practice what's called guerilla gardening, where you can grow food plants among other plants, even in light forests in a non-row format. So that when the food confiscation troops began to move from neighborhood to neighborhood, literally taking the food out of your garden and probably spraying glyphosate to stop you from growing food, they would not recognize it," he said.
In terms of finances, Adams recommended depending on physical gold and silver because authorities will find it difficult to confiscate them. He also suggested switching to a more liquid and easier-to-use internationally private cryptocurrency, a wallet that could not be seen by the government.
"They don't know how much you have, and they don't know how you've spent it or where you got it from, or who you've sent it to," he highlighted. "And they are, I believe, the future of pro-liberty, money in a digital format."
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GLOBALISTS weaponized the food supply toward starvation because COVID-19 vaccines were not enough to depopulate the world, Mike Adams tells Maria Zeee –