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Good sense to stop Sharia law in U.S.

September 25, 2011 3:54 PM

The Yuma Sun recently ran a Charles Hayes’ column on Islamophobia (Sept. 10 in the Opinion section). Out of one side of his mouth Hayes is seeking to uphold freedom of religion; from the other side in the Sept. 10 article — of all things. chosen and placed just before 9/11 — comes the claim Sharia law is no threat to the U.S. Constitution. No thanks, the U.S. already has a law! Freedom of religion and imposing Sharia law are not one and the same so far as America is concerned.

According to progressives, if you oppose illegals operating in your country rather than having immigrants and visitors obey established laws you have xenophobia, a fake virus promoted by established progressives. Now if one opposes and warns about militant Muslims’ oppressions they are Islamophobes — no doubt the outgrowth of the phony “phobes