GOP lawmakers question origins of nearly $10M received by Joe Biden’s S corporation in 2017

06/26/2023 // Belle Carter // 310 Views

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Republicans at the House of Representatives are questioning the origins of almost $10 million received by CelticCapri Corporation, an S corporation owned by Joe Biden, in 2017.
Breitbart noted that while the 2017 tax returns for CelticCapri indicated the almost $10 million income, it did not specify revenue line items as required by law. Meanwhile, the Federalist explained that CelticCapri and now-First Lady Jill Biden's Giacoppa Corporation were set up shortly after Joe stepped down as vice president in 2017. The outlet added that both entities "contained more than $13 million of the $17 million the [Biden] couple had reported in income after [Joe] left office, most of it in the first year (2017)."
An S corporation is an entity that elects to pass corporate earnings, losses, deductions and credits through to their shareholders for federal tax purposes. According to certified public accountant Jerry Allison of Allison Financial Services, it is apparently common for personal tax returns to not list line item income for S corporations. However, he noted that "the lack of detail should raise concern for House investigators."
"The point I am making here is that the $9.5 million income and the $557,000 income on Schedule E are after expenses have been subtracted, so the original income is much more than these numbers," said Allison, an accounting practitioner of 30 years.
"It is my opinion that both S corporation returns [of Jill and Joe] should be examined to find the actual amount of income and to obtain clues as to where the income may have originated. The S corporation returns might reveal other entities from which the income may have originated."

A "fact check" piece by USA Today in 2020 attempted to explain how the Biden crime family earned $15.6 million from speaking fees and book deals from 2017 to 2019. It stated that more than $10 million of that income came from sales of Joe's memoir "Promise Me, Dad" and $3 million came from sales of Jill's book "Where The Light Enters."
But the Federalist critiqued the article, specifically the links it provided for the breakdown of earnings for Joe's work. The links reportedly directed to Joe's campaign website with financial disclosure links to only their individual returns.
"No S corporation tax returns, so in reality, readers were left with a smokescreen."
GOP lawmakers want TRANSPARENCY from the president

Several GOP lawmakers from both chambers of Congress voiced out their intentions to seek transparency from the president regarding where this income actually came from.
Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, who co-authored a 2020 Senate report on the first family, told Breitbart that Joe should openly reveal the source of the revenue. "[Joe] should disclose, and every member of the press ought to hound him until he does," Johnson said.
South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace said: "The president seems to find selling out our country funny, [but] we don't. If he's serious about proving our allegations wrong, he should release his and his family's unredacted bank records and show the American people where all this money is coming from." She added that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) cannot protect the First Family forever.
Arizona Rep. Eli Crane also urged the president to come clean about the money. "The American people deserve to know who paid the Bidens, and what exactly they were paid for," Crane said.
"Now that we know there are recordings of conversations Joe Biden and his degenerate son had with a Burisma executive, it’s becoming more and more obvious how the indictment of President Trump is meant to be a distraction. It would shock no one in this town if Joe Biden received millions of dollars from selling out the country in a bribery scheme and then hid that money in shady shell companies."
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Watch this video about the chief accountant of Burisma – who provided damning evidence of the Bidens' crimes – being found dead.

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GOP lawmakers question origins of nearly $10M received by Joe Biden’s S corporation in 2017 –