By Allen West -

January 6, 2018

Back last year — sounds funny saying that, but last December — I shared with y’all my thoughts about why the Democrats were all of a sudden clamoring about President Trump firing Robert Mueller. I postulated that the left, as always, were all on the same sheet of music, to include their liberal progressive media accomplices, in trying to goad Trump into doing this. What they really wanted was for the Mueller special prosecution to end. They realized they’d opened up their own Pandora’s box and really bad stuff was coming out. Just imagine this, without the Mueller special investigation, perhaps we would have NEVER known anything about Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and the boatload of chicanery emanating from the FBI.

This whole scheme has indeed backfired on the left, and they’re scrambling to have it end and shift the narrative — hence the rhetoric about a constitutional crisis. I guess our dear progressive socialist friends never believed there were aggressive hawks on the GOP side who would relentlessly pursue them…to every end.

And now, the entire Russia, Russia, Russia escapade has taken a very different turn for the left and the Democrat Party. Perhaps that’s why their new narrative is that President Trump has a mental issue — according to the renowned doctor of psychiatry, Joy Behar. Regardless, the Russia collusion spotlight has now shifted, and like rats on the Titanic, the left is scurrying about.

As reported by Fox News, “Two top Republican senators have formally recommended that the Justice Department and FBI investigate the author of the controversial anti-Trump “dossier,” in the first known criminal referral from Congress as part of lawmakers’ Russia probes.

GOP senators call for new “criminal investigation” leading to Hillary, and it’s bad