Great Britain considers forcing backyard chickens to be registered due to “avian flu” psy-op

Friday, March 10, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) A proposed new law would require that all backyard chicken owners in the United Kingdom register their birds with the government, supposedly to fight “avian flu.”
The claim is that bird flu is killing off too many chickens in Great Britain. And the only way to solve the problem, we are told, is to force all Brits to inform the government about how many birds they have on their property at any given time.
The governments of England, Wales, and Scotland are all attempting to impose this new registration requirement on their populations. It would basically become illegal, if the laws get passed, for U.K. residents to own chickens without the government knowing about it.
“The new rules would apply to all bird keepers, no matter how many birds they own,” reported The Gateway Pundit about the matter. “Currently, only people who keep 50 birds or more are required by law to do so.”
“Under the rule, people who keep birds as pets or for food production (i.e., eggs) will be forced to register as well. Failure to do so is a violation of the law. They would also be required to update their information every year.”
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Why not just make all chickens wear a beak mask?

Since the manufactured bird flu scare has a lot of the same hallmarks as the covid psy-op, we suspect that someone, somewhere will also propose forcing chickens to wear a beak mask to “stop the spread.”
In addition to procuring contact information, the locations where birds are kept, and detailed facts about the species, quantity, and purpose of the birds, Brits may also be forced to slap a mask on their birds or else face fines or imprisonment from the government.
This is all hypothetical, of course, and is not actually happening – at least not yet. With the way things have gone in the world since 2020, it would not be at all surprising for bird masking to become a thing as the globalists advance their war on meat and eggs.
In the meantime, the governments of Great Britain are aiming to make chicken ownership similar to gun ownership with mandatory registration and steep penalties for non-compliance.
“These proposals will enable us to have a full picture of the number and location of birds kept across Great Britain and make it easier to track and manage the spread of avian disease,” reads a joint statement issued by the chief veterinary officers of England, Scotland, and Wales.
“This information will also help inform future risk assessments and maintain our commitment to continually building our extensive avian influenza research portfolio.”
The British Poultry Council Chief Executive also commented favorably about the proposals.
“We welcome this consultation as a means of ensuring the GB poultry register is fit to support Government and industry efforts in mitigating the ongoing impacts of avian influenza,” the entity said.
“Registering your poultry is an effective way of monitoring and controlling the spread of disease to protect the national flock. We, as ever, urge all poultry keepers to remain vigilant for signs of avian influenza in their birds.”
According to the U.K. government, registration of backyard chickens is necessary to help protect flocks against the perceived threat of avian influenza. Failure to allow the government to snoop on people’s broods will allow for more disease to spread, we are told.
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