Green tyranny takes aim at our farms: South Dakota farmers face land seizures by terraforming company planning to install massive “carbon capture” infrastructure across landscape

Monday, June 05, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) A takeover is happening across the American Midwest as so-called “green” energy companies abuse eminent domain laws to rob and seize people’s private property in order to turn it into pipelines for the capture and removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
The latest affront is occurring in South Dakota, where a company called Summit Carbon Solutions is trying to steal land from at least 80 different landowners, including a man named Jared Bossly whose farm has been in his family’s possession for four generations.
Summit Carbon Solutions wants Bossly’s land and is doing whatever it can to take it from him while Republican Gov. Kristi Noem sits idly by and does nothing to help him. Greg Price from the State Freedom Caucus Network tweeted video footage of surveyors from the company breaking and entering Bossly’s home and shop before surveying his land without permission.
“They entered his home and shop before going on his farm to survey the land all without permission while only his wife was home,” Price tweeted about the footage, which you can view below:

Greg Price


What I am about to tell you should be the most important story in America but no national media is talking about it. Read this entire tweet.One of the biggest invasions of property rights in American history is currently happening in South Dakota to expand green energy. This…
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10:46 PM · May 30, 2023

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The “green” energy grift is destroying farmers and their families

When Bossly tried to get the men from Summit Carbon Solutions to leave his property and only return with permission and with the sheriff present, they falsely accused him of threatening to kill them. They are now attempting to punish Bossly further by taking him to court and getting a restraining order preventing him from being on his own property.
According to Bossly, Summit Carbon Solutions surveyors are doing this to many farmers around the area because the pipeline they want to build has to travel through their land in order to work.
Price describes what these land invasions are like, comparing it to “something straight out of Blazing Saddles” because of the armed security guard figures who are appearing on people’s land as a show of threatening force.
“The Republican leadership in South Dakota has also abandoned them,” Price laments. “In the last legislative session, bills to protect landowners from eminent domain from Summit failed. Gov. Kristi Noem has done nothing. Why? Because Summit has connections to massive GOP donors.”
“They are also bankrolled by large investments, some of which are foreign, as well as benefit from massive federal tax credits for carbon capture expanded by Joe Biden’s ‘Inflation Reduction Act.'”
While the Republican leadership in South Dakota sells farmers down the river for cash, said farmers are facing the loss of everything their families worked so hard to achieve and the wealth they built to pass on to their children and grandchildren.
“Their elected leaders have abandoned them and no one outside local media is talking about it,” Price says.
Bossly told Price that he is distraught over the fact that he could lose the farm he planned to pass on to his children to enjoy “the way he and his family before did.”
Every spare penny that Bossly makes goes straight into the farm and managing the land. He plants trees to provide a windbreak for his herd of cattle – trees that Summit Carbon Solutions intends to bulldoze to make room for its carbon capture pipeline.
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Green tyranny takes aim at our farms: South Dakota farmers face land seizures by terraforming company planning to install massive “carbon capture” infrastructure across landscape –