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Do you think gun-free zones create more crime and make people less safe?

Guess What’s Happened To Target In The Two Weeks Since They Banned Guns In Their Stores?

By Steve Straub On July 10, 2014 · 257 Comments · In Second Amendment

Gun free zones endanger lives and increase crime!

Via Breitbart:
On July 2 Breitbart News reported that interim Target CEO John Mulligan “respectfully” asked law-abiding citizens not to bring their guns in Target stores.
Since then, Gainesville, Georgia, police have arrested three over a Target parking lot robbery and are looking for another man who punched a woman and stole her Mercedes at a Decatur, Georgia, Target as well.

Target’s Gun Ban Has Unexpected Results As Assailants Attack Unarmed Customers
Target’s gun ban backfires: Here come the robbers
Man Robbed In Target Parking Lot By 3 Armed Suspects

This is the predictable result of disarming customers and creating gun free zones. The Inquisitr has more:
Perhaps as a reaction to the robberies, Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder said that there was no ban on guns, and it was just a “request” that the company hoped customers would honor. She said there would be no signs banning guns nor would customers with a gun be asked to leave.
Unfortunately, similar incidents have taken place at other Target stores. This includes a woman having her purse and car stolen by an armed assailant at a Target in Atlanta, and a man who was robbed of $500 at gunpoint at a Target on Shallowford Road, which is about 50 miles northeast of Atlanta.
It is possible Target didn’t understand that many gun-related crimes occur in gun-free zones, and their statement, though technically not banning guns, may have been enough to give the perception that their stores are easy pickings for would be criminals.
Do you think gun-free zones create more crime and make people less safe?

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