8 Hours Ago by William Lafferty

Gun Control: A Necessary & Natural Consequence Of Socialist Government


Michael E.C. Moss writes an interesting letter in the Wall St. Journal concerning corruption. Moss says:

“The very existence of government invites corruption, as the governed, having granted powers to their governors, are inevitably tempted to offer bribes and kickbacks to induce the governors to grant favors in the exercise of that power,… [T]he greater the degree of governmental intrusion into the normal operation of free markets, the greater the degree of corruption the country must eventually endure.”

So, Moss reasons, the job of business becomes pleasing those in political power, not in producing superior products, for pleasing bureaucrats is how the business will succeed.

This analysis reminds me a bit of Sun Tsu in the Art of War in that it speaks of necessary and natural consequences. Sun Tsu says that if you know your enemy, know your own forces, and have a plan that will maximize your strengths against the enemy’s weakness, the result is foregone: you will win. That is a necessary and natural consequence. You can count on it. You don’t need to rely on luck or extraordinary bravery, and in fact, reliance on luck or extraordinary bravery is likely to produce defeat, for neither is certain to occur.

Michael Moss and Sun Tsu both talk about necessary and natural consequences. Just as corruption is a necessary and natural consequence of government and victory in war is a necessary and natural consequence of proper tactics, gun control is a necessary and natural consequence of the socialist government Obama has set up. That’s why he keeps insisting on it. He needs it to insure the collapse of our traditions of self-reliance and his own exorbitant privileges. If gun proponents are to be victorious, they will need to promote a different scheme of government — not just an argument about the Second Amendment — that has as a necessary and natural consequence citizen ownership of guns. Actually, the Framers already did that for us, but we let it slip away.

Sun Tsu:

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

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