As early as March, 6th, 2020, we were told,

(CNN) "Amid a coronavirus outbreak in the United States, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is encouraging older people and people with severe chronic medical conditions to “stay at home as much as possible.”

“This advice is on a CDC website that was posted Thursday, according to a CDC spokeswoman”.

"Early data suggests older people are twice as likely to have serious illness from the novel coronavirus, according to the CDC. LINK

And by March 18th, we find:

“… new data show that up to one-fifth of infected people ages 20-44 have been hospitalized, including 2%-4% who required treatment in an intensive care unit.

Still, the most severe cases, and the highest rates of death, are among the elderly. Although 17% of the U.S. population is 65 or older, 31% of cases were in that age group, CDC experts concluded in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report."

From these statistics, sound reasoning indicates that focusing on and protecting the elderly would be a logical course of action, since the remaining portion of the population would not suffer significant casualties if it practiced common sense hygiene practices.

Indeed, this was the common sense approach used in Sweden. See: Has Sweden Found the Right Solution to the Coronavirus? 1

April 6, 2020

“If the COVID-19 pandemic tails off in a few weeks, months before the alarmists claim it will, they will probably pivot immediately and pat themselves on the back for the brilliant social-distancing controls that they imposed on the world. They will claim that their heroic recommendations averted total calamity. Unfortunately, they will be wrong; and Sweden, which has done almost no mandated social distancing, will probably prove them wrong.”

So, what was the scientific explanation for shutting down the world’s most thriving economy and forcing 30 million Americans into losing their jobs, not to mention the crushing blow dealt to millions of small business owners having their lives destroyed by government mandates to close their businesses? The following video is very telling:[/SIZE]

The bottom line is, there appears to have been an intentional media created hysteria generated by so-called “experts” i.e., Fauci &Co., dwelling on rising death rates and “curves”, as opposed to focusing on protecting the elderly and those with existing medical conditions which is the battle that ought to have been fought, and not a self-inflicted economic suicide to “flatten a curve”.


Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.___ Benjamin Franklin, 1755