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    Hell hath no fury like a Progressive scorned

    Hell hath no fury like a Progressive scorned

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    On Wednesday, win or lose, progressive elements in our media, government and society have already positioned themselves for a sort of radical blitzkrieg. Left wing idealism is about to ramp up their uncivilized rancor for American principles and we are all in for one heck of a storm. For progressives, winning the ideological war being waged in America is far more important than any one election or the financial future of our Republic. To them an Obama victory is just one more hurdle cleared in the race to destroy capitalism and American traditions.

    Progressives are not happy with President Obama. Many of them have little respect for his political backbone. In fact, many of them are angry and enraged at the President’s failure to spearhead radical social changes. Progressives care nothing for American values, processes, or strength; they just want to see the world burn.

    It is said that progressivism is focused on reform; the process of changing or improving something by correcting its faults, removing inconsistencies and abuses, and imposing modern methods or values. Progressives see tradition as backward, dangerously outdated, and unaccommodating of revolutionary ideas that service necessary change; change that is defined through expensive and risky assaults on our Constitution and national morals. November 7 will mark the beginning of a newly empowered radicalism in America and our citizens are ripe for left wing indoctrination.

    So allow me the opportunity to frame the debate from a slightly different prospective. What if we gave in and changed our current social and government framework to accommodate Progressive demands?

    What would America look like on January 1, 2013 if the following (were all legislated between the election and the new year) : gay marriage, immigration amnesty and open borders, free healthcare, state financed abortion and birth control, mandatory union membership, workplace pay equality, free college education for everybody, 50% reduction in defense spending, 75% capital gains tax, outlawing fossil fuel use by 2025, instituting carbon taxes, repealing the Second Amendment, Palestinian Statehood and splitting Jerusalem in half, eliminating all nuclear power and weapons by 2025, and allowing international law to play a controlling role in our governing process? What would Progressive America look like once all these demands are met?

    This is exactly what each and every Progressive in America is calling for each and every day. CNN, MSNBC, and many other media outlets are pushing for all of this and more. Yet somehow they fail to understand it will mean the death of the United States and eventually millions of its citizens. In the recesses of my tired mind, I believe that progressives want catastrophe and corruption to rule the day. They have been actively promoting social unrest for some time with their lies and contempt for law, and if we allow it to continue we will move one step closer to their goal.

    The biggest problem with America today is not finance, but the irresponsible and I believe criminal promotion of ideas that are not only dangerous but suicidal for our Republic. Progressivism is the number one enemy of a Freedom-loving people. Progressivism dictates without conscience or care. We no longer live in a country that respects civility and oaths. A lie is no longer a lie, but merely something taken out of context.

    The next time you spend what’s left of your hard earned money, ask yourself if you are inadvertently supporting the destruction of America. Progressive influences in America are being funded by many of the same large corporations they publicly condemn; corporations whose products and services can be found in every home in America. Perhaps it’s time that American’s began to boycott sponsors and advertisers who act as financial surrogates for Progressive ideals before they finish the job they started a century ago.

    America can no longer afford the complacency and apathy of our citizens. This is just one election. There will be another. If we don’t get off our collective rear ends and remove the progressive influence from our National media, I fear we will remain a divided nation compromising our way to destruction.

    Read more: Hell hath no fury like a Progressive scorned whom??

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