Here's an important and ominous ObamaCare "success story" that few people are talking about.

We already know that ObamaCare is successfully destroying the free-market based American health care system. That in doing so, ObamaCare is successfully moving us toward a centralized, single-payer setup. That with its government subsidies, price controls and cost-shifting, the law is also imbedding and implementing a redistribution model of paying for health care. And from time to time, we are treated to a media frenzy over some grateful soul who will soon be covered by health insurance, someone who's never had it before, either by budget constraint or by choice.

But what about the largely overlooked ObamaCare "success story" that could very well lead to another huge change - a fundamental and far-reaching alteration of American life? We're talking about what you could call the health care law's "catastrophe effect" - the fact that like a catastrophic train wreck, ObamaCare is drawing so much interest, so much discussion, so much scrutiny, investigation and analysis, that other assaults on our liberty are able to steadily move forward without much attention. One assault in particular - the administration's aggressive power grab relating to "climate change".

It's an elemental strategy in the Progressives' playbook - a particularly insidious and useful consequence of the complication, confusion and chaos surrounding ObamaCare and its overly dramatized website woes. Take advantage of this highly public pandemonium to allow the Environmental Protection Agency to carpet bomb us with burdensome new regulations.

Yep, the EPA is definitely making its move, under cover of the ObamaCare firestorm and resulting smokescreen. Lefty blogs, websites, think tanks and agenda mills are beginning to proclaim the campaign. Mother Jones is celebrating "The EPA's Bold New Agenda", saying the agency will be "tackling some controversial environmental questions that Congress has been unable to resolve, including how to limit carbon emissions".

At the just-concluded United Nations Conference on Climate Change held in Poland, the US delegation pretty much caved to demands of communist/Marxist states. The result will likely be our sending them more and more money as "reparations" to pay for our past transgressions - all those greenhouse gas emissions, which the climate alarmists claim lead to super storms and other freak weather events. By the way it wasn't that long ago that an anchor on CNN - the Climate News Network - actually suggested, on the air, that an asteroid's passing near the earth could possibly be blamed on global warming.

But of course, that term "global warming" has fallen out of favor with the control freaks who want to use the specter of disastrous climate change to seize even more power. Reports are now beginning to break through the shouting about climate change - reports that a chilly Arctic summer has left 533,000 more square miles of ocean covered with ice than at the same time last year - an increase of some 29%.

All that additional ice, despite the dire warnings of a noted climate scientist only a few years ago that, by this past summer, the Arctic ice could have disappeared altogether, according to his learned calculations. And now some respected scientists are actually starting to talk of global cooling, as temperatures around the world have failed to live up to global warming models.

Still, the zealots and crusaders at the EPA move forward with their climate agenda, their invasive regulatory efforts that are often largely unnoticed because of the "catastrophe effect" caused by the still-exploding, ever-destructive ObamaCare. Unless we stay vigilant and demand our elected representatives do the same, this scandalous ObamaCare "success story" may become one of the biggest.

Norvell S. Rose