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    Hey Liberal Kids With No Conscience! Wanna Sell Your Soul, Be A Progressive Pawn, And

    Chicks on the Right hit the nail on the head, again!
    Hey Liberal Kids With No Conscience! Wanna Sell Your Soul, Be A Progressive Pawn, And Make Some Great Money?

    Written by Daisy

    Looking for work, unemployed liberal sheeple with limited skill sets and a penchant for irritating other people? Well, look no further! Because y’all remember when liberals used to accuse the “teabaggers” of being “astroturf” (I think that’s what Nancy McBotox used to call Tea Party folks) and insinuated that the movement was a bunch of paid operatives?

    Even Mock and I have been accused of being “Karl Rove operatives” by liberals. My stomach still hurts from laughing over that one. And yes, we’re still waiting for that check. No, seriously. We’re still waiting. While we get up at the butt crack of dawn every day to work the equivalent of three full-time jobs. Really. WHERE IS THE CHECK, KARL?


    It turns out that a whole hell of a lot of those folks screaming in the gallery last week in Texas for SB 5 actually WERE paid operatives.

    Ironically, they are employed by organizations like ones called Grassroots Campaigns, “which stages demonstrations on behalf of (their) client organizations like Planned Parenthood Federation of America,” and organizations like MoveOn (shocker), and the Democratic National Committee(go figure!), among others. And these “grassroots” employees get paid – you may want to sit down for this one, folks - between $1300 and $2200 a month to stand around, protest crap, and in this case, hold up signs about your right to kill babies and scream like harpies to disrupt the legislative process.


    I don’t know about you guys, but $2200 a month? That’s a damn good wage for being a screaming harpy.

    They even advertise on CraigsList (look at all those hip, happy little campers, huh?):
    The ad has since been taken down (of course), but not before it was captured by a ton of people who were paying attention, and not before HotAir cached the page here.

    Aaaaaand, since the ad has been scrubbed, and people are raising the red flag about the staged harpies getting paid to be there, Grassroots Campaigns is denying that this particular ad is directed specifically toward SB 5. And while that may be somewhat truthful, it’s a freaking cop-out. They’re being paid to do a job. And that job is to be an annoying, leftist, protesting lemming. And we all know where the annoying, leftist, protesting lemmings were last week.
    So insert huge eyeroll here. And keep on telling me how the “teabaggers” are an astroturf campaign, Nancy McBotox. And while you’re at it, keep on telling all of us how you’re Catholic. Because that's never going to stop being completely hilarious, too.

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    Great news: Being a pro-choice “grassroots” activist pays a decent wage


    Remember when Tea Party activists got accused of being “Astroturfers,” paid lackeys of theeeeeeevil Koch Brothers, instead of legitimate protesters interested only in political change? Good times, good times. As this ad on Craigslist in Austin dates two days ago demonstrates — heh, pardon the pun! — Wendy Davis isn’t the only pro-abortion progressive in Texassuffering from a case of projection:

    In case it gets taken down, I’ve cached the page here. The special session got announced by Gov. Rick Perry on the 26th; this ad went up three days later, and just two days before a swarm of “volunteers” arrived at the capitol building today. Pro-choice Texas employees get paid roughly minimum wage to “stand,” I mean start, assuming that the $1300 per month is for full-time work. The position ranges to nearly $12.70 for standing around and yelling slogans like, “Hey hey, ho ho, fully-formed human life’s got to go,” and so on.

    The employment comes from the ironically-named Grassroots Campaigns, which stages these demonstrations on behalf of client organizations like Planned Parenthood Federation of America, MoveOn, and the Democratic National Committee, among others. There’s nothing much that’s “grassroots” about this; GCI’s clients comprise most of the professional progressive non-profit community, as the list at Wikipedia demonstrates. GCI’s money to pay these employees presumably comes from donors to those organizations. Their website certainly doesn’t offer any other explanation.

    But is this how Pro-Choice Texas rustled up so many protesters today? Breitbart’s John Sexton asked them, and they claim that this is unrelated to the protests this week:

    I called Grassroots Campaigns and spoke to an individual there familiar with the ad. He explained it is part of an ongoing campaign being run on behalf of Planned Parenthood. PP has been hiring grassroots fundraisers since last summer. The Craigslist ad is part of that fundraising campaign, not an attempt to hire protest organizers.

    There is another link on the ad itself which leads to this page offering full time “Assistant Canvas Director” jobs. The job description reads in part “Canvass in the field for four days per week, to train new and experienced staff in the field and meet personal fundraising requirements.” So it’s definitely a fundraising job.

    Planned Parenthood is working with Grassroots Campaigns to hire fundraisers in Austin and also, it appears, in other locations around the country. These job listings are not part of the recent attempts to block SB5 though it’s probably not a stretch to imagine some of the folks will be participating in the protests.
    Or that they might be doing this on the clock, too. Does anyone think that Planned Parenthood would object to that use of their resources? Keep that in mind when watching this big takeaway from the first day of competing demonstrations at the capitol building in Austin. While the pro-abortion “volunteers” chant slogans in opposition to a bill supported by 62% of Texas voters, pro-life protesters sing “Amazing Grace” as a prayer.

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