Gas bubbles, Tsunamis, Rumors

Hidden Dangers In The Gulf - Fact or Fiction

By JR Dieckmann
Monday, June 28, 2010

While the media have been focusing on the damage from the oil spill to the Gulf waters and coastline, they have been ignoring what could be an issue of far greater consequence. This oil leak could be unstoppable and in fact could become much worse - according to rumors. How hard could it be to simply bolt a new valve to the wellhead flange then close the valve to seal off the well? Certainly not a permanent solution, but would stop the pollution of the Gulf until they are able to engineer a more permanent one.

If some little known rumors are correct, then there is much we are not being told and BP has not shut down the well because they cannot. It’s not that it isn’t technically possible, it’s because capping that wellhead would rupture the well pipe and cause oil to flood out into the strata below the seafloor. Through erosion, the oil would erupt through the seabed creating a volcano like crater with an unimaginable and unstoppable amount of oil gushing out into the Gulf.

The methane gas explosion that destroyed the Deepwater Horizon rig occurred at the surface, but it was not until BP tried to plug up the well with their “top kill