HILARIOUS: Five Thirty Eight Says Conservatives Supported Black Candidates Are Racist

Darian Alexander | Nov 10, 2021

Virginia Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears during an election night rally. (CHIP SOMODEVILLA / GETTY IMAGES)

Our great nation’s media never fails to put out absurd content on daily basis, with the geniuses at Five Thirty Eight offering an interesting analysis Wednesday pondering the societal question of “racism” in wake of the recent gubernatorial victory of Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin in the normally blue state of Virginia. The piece, fittingly titled “Why White Voters With Racist Views Often Still Support Black Republicans” beings with one simple question: “Can white voters who back a Black candidate still hold racist beliefs and views?”
We all know what their answer was.

After posing their question, unsurprisingly only targeted at conservative voters and not leftists, the article discussed the recent Republican victories in Virginia, hinting they were fueled by… you guessed it… ‘RACISM!’
That question has come to the fore in the wake of Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial victory in the blueish state of Virginia. Conservatives were quick to counter claims that Youngkin’s win represented the effectiveness of stoking racial fears with results from Virginia’s down-ballot election for lieutenant governor — a contest where the Republican candidate, Winsome Sears, made history by becoming the first Black woman elected to statewide office in Virginia. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board, for example, emphatically mocked the notion that “voters called white supremacists elected a Black Lt. Gov.” Conservative commentators on Fox News and Twitter, including Sears herself, also used the historic victory as an ostensible shield against accusations of Republican racism.
Why White Voters With Racist Views Often Still Support Black Republicans
“But supporting a Black candidate hardly precludes voters from harboring racist beliefs and motivations,” the article emphatically claimed. It then goes on to allege that “Republicans are increasingly more likely than Democrats to hold prejudiced views of minorities,” linking the readers to a Left-wing book endorsed by well known far-left racist Ezra Klein as evidence of the ridiculous claim.

Next up on the piece’s evidence of how white conservatives racist while concurrently supporting black candidates was a survey, which according to the writers indicates that “support for Carson was positively correlated with the belief that Black Americans have too much influence on U.S. politics,” therefore ‘white supremacy,’ or something.
FiveThirtyEight’s proof of ‘white racism’ perpetuated by conservatives who support black candidates.The article then went on to explain that while Democrat voters had favored Hillary Clinton, a white candidate, and some conservatives favored Dr. Ben Carson, who is black, the latter group are the true racists. This was justified through the subjective polling data seen above.

Let us not forget that a majority of Latino voters in Virginia voted to elect Glenn Youngkin, and those same voters chose Virginia’s first ever minority woman and black Lietenant Governor, Winsome Sears. Now the Left insists they are all secret racists and white supremacists.

I shouldn’t even need to explain why that’s absurd.

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