HILARIOUS: Rapper Hi-Rez creates genius song and video parody of extreme liberalism and twisted communist trends infiltrating our Republic

Monday, January 16, 2023 by: S.D. Wells
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(Natural News) If you don’t believe 2+2 equals 5, then you are a racist and a homophobe, says Rapper Hi-Rez in his new song and video posted on YouTube and Instagram, that calls out how twisted and warped the whole Leftist push is in America to turn everyone into perverted, distracted, confused, and communist-led sheeple.
The 30-year-old Rapper Hi-Rez was born Jesse Friedman in the Bronx, New York. He describes himself as a free-thinking, God-fearing Jew. His video parody on everything that’s wrong with CRT (critical race theory) and transgender-everything influencing in schools starts off with a special guest, who comes into the classroom as a new student – the one and only Dr. Robert Malone, who invented mRNA vaccines (and has lately exposed their deadly dangers).
Are your kids confused about CRT, transgender teachers, and common sense thinking? Watch this hip-hop educational video

Did you know that in America, simple math has changed, and now 2 plus 2 equals 5? If you argue with that, then you are a racist and a homophobe. Did you know there are litter boxes in public school bathrooms (in Michigan) for the furries (kids who identify as cats)? Were you aware that male teachers at liberal-run schools can dress like female strippers and read stories to elementary grade students, even at daycare centers?
Did you know that being patriotic now makes you a domestic terrorist? According to the Far Left freaks in Washington DC, if you protest anything corrupt that the current administration is guilty of, you can serve indefinite prison time while being abused and starved to death in your jail cell.
It seems as if the whole world has gone ‘mad’ teaching kids that basic math is racist, and that biological men can give birth to babies. The liberal teachers across America are teaching the students that if you are born white, you are automatically a racist and a bigot, no matter what you say or do.
Did you know that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, but if you don’t give them all your support and money, you are a Russian-sympathizer who hates all ‘innocent’ foreigners and is anti-immigration? If you don’t want a nuclear war with Russia, then you are a domestic terrorist and a threat to this nation, according to the Biden Regime and the crazed Leftists, as we learn more in this parody video by the highly-talented rapper Hi-Rez.
If your neighbors don’t comply with the insane Biden Regime mandates, you are supposed to report them to the “authorities”

Did you know that America is run by communists right now? Most Americans are so brainwashed by the system and the media that they don’t realize it. Communist “sheeple” are highly influenced by propaganda to hate each other for all kinds of reasons, and this keeps them confused, distracted, and unable to focus on anything that really matters, like family, values, ethics, morals, financial stability, independent thinking, and more.
By influencing citizens to be paranoid of each other, thinking we’re all out to ruin each other and our country, the leaders in Washington DC can continue engaging in nefarious activities that make them richer, more powerful, and all while reducing the population through toxic medications, toxic food, and deadly vaccines.
That’s the communist playbook and it’s unfolding under our very noses, especially in the liberal-led school systems. That’s why this parody video is so genius, well-written and perfectly performed. It gets the message across very clearly, while teaching its viewers and listeners how ABSURD these reverse-racist CRT curriculum trends and trans-everything themes really are.

(1220) Hi-Rez - 2+2=5 (Official Music Video) - YouTube

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HILARIOUS: Rapper Hi-Rez creates genius song and video parody of extreme liberalism and twisted communist trends infiltrating our Republic – NaturalNews.com