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Thread: Homeland Security to Purchase 141,000 Rounds of Sniper Ammo

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    Homeland Security to Purchase 141,000 Rounds of Sniper Ammo

    Homeland Security to Purchase 141,000 Rounds of Sniper Ammo

    ‘Zombie Hunter’ bullets designed for deadly long range capability

    Paul Joseph Watson
    February 11, 2014

    The Department of Homeland Security is buying more bullets with a solicitation for over 141,00 rounds of sniper ammunition.

    Image: Hornady .308 Winchester Ammo (YouTube).

    According to a solicitation posted on FedBizOpps, the federal agency is looking to procure 141,160 rounds of Hornady .308 Winchester 168gr A-MAX TAP ammunition.
    Such ammunition is sometimes retailed as “Zombie Max,” a marketing gimmick alluding to its power.
    “What makes the .308 ammunition so deadly is the long range capability of the round,” notes James Smith. “The ability is called ballistic coefficient, or the efficiency of a projectile in overcoming air resistance as it travels to its target. According to Speer Reloading Manual Number 13, the .308 165 grain has the highest coefficient of any hunting rifle.”
    The latest purchase further illustrates the fallacy of the DHS’ excuse that it is buying bullets in bulk in order to save money.
    The federal agency will pay around $1.20 for each round, when a lower grain round could be acquired for around a quarter of the price.
    The DHS has faced questions over the last couple of years as to the purpose of its mass ammo purchases which have totaled over 2 billion bullets, with some fearing the federal agency is gearing up for civil unrest.
    The majority of the bullets purchased by the DHS were hollow point rounds (one order alone amounted to 450 million of them). Hollow point bullets just happen to be completely unsuitable for training purposes because they cost significantly more money compared to standard firing range bullets, contradicting claims by the DHS that the bullets were merely for training purposes and were bought in bulk to save money.
    Large scale DHS bulk buys have contributed to ammo shortages across the country. In April last year, the Government Accountability Office announced that it would be investigating the issue, although no follow up has been forthcoming.
    In May last year, the DHS sent out a request for information asking companies if they could provide 2 million bullets within a 30-60 day turnaround period.
    In February last year, Law Enforcement Targets Inc., a contractor that had previously done $2 million dollars worth of business with the DHS, was forced to apologize after producing “no more hesitation” shooting targets which depicted pregnant women, children, and elderly gun owners in residential settings as “non-traditional threats.”
    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.
    This article was posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 1:00 pm
    Tags: domestic news, police state
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    Joe the Plumber

    Homeland Security is gearing up for domestic warfare. Yeah, that's right, we [the people] are the enemy.

    Homeland Security Drops all Pretense with “Zombie Max” Purchase

    Posted by Joe Wurzelbacher on Feb 12, 2014 in Email, Politics

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” – Barack Obama; July 2, 2008
    When Barack Obama made this proclamation, there was no Tea Party, no grass-roots opposition to his forced passage of ObamaCare, no usurping of the Separation of Powers, no Senator Ted Cruz, no government shut-down, no phony stimulus or millions of people waking up to find they in fact cannot keep their doctor or health plan if they like them..
    .. But when this “civilian national security force” is deployed – the stated excuse will be all of the above.

    Barack Obama knew from the get-go that once Americans realized what “fundamental transformation” actually meant, they wouldn’t stand for it. He began preparing for that time right away and is still doing so. Why does Homeland Security need over 2 billion bullets, most of them of the hollow point variety, if not to prepare for civil unrest?
    The latest by DHS is a solicitation for over 141,00 rounds of sniper ammunition, posted on FedBizOpps of Hornady .308 Winchester 168gr A-MAX TAP ammunition, commonly called; “Zombie Max” rounds. This ammo is not inexpensive stuff to be used for training or anything else. It’s for war.

    Like you, I’ve read for years the postings of these type warnings of build-ups of armored vehicles, military weapons, assault machinery and enough ammunition purchased by Homeland Security to cause widespread shortages, nationwide. I resisted the temptation to believe that it is what it is. Not anymore.
    The “Zombie Max” put me over the top: They’ve always claimed the bulk purchases were to save money, but this purchase is outright luxurious when it comes to ammo. They don’t need it and could get a different brand or lower grain for far less the cost. It’s not for training or anything else.
    While legislators from California to Chicago to Washington are doing their best to disarm us, our government seems to be intent on picking up the slack for weapons and ammo manufacturers. The only question left is, ‘why’?
    Maybe it’s the range, perhaps it’s the ballistic coefficient, or even the name – but the “Zombie Max” flipped me from healthy skepticism to WTF – better start hoarding food. The fact is, I can’t find ammo for my simple pistol – not at WalMart, Big Five or the expensive alternative-in-a-pinch gun store.

    Thank-god we’re talking about the Feds who can’t even set up a website that works, organize a two-car funeral, fog a mirror or deliver the mail profitably with no competitors. Bring it on you fools.

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    DHS training with practice targets featuring children, pregnant woman?

    Photo: No Hesitation practice targets featuring armed women and children

    Thursday, February 28, 2013 - The High Tide and the Turn by Bryana Johnson

    Bryana Johnson

    DALLAS, February 28, 2013 — Minnesota-based Law Enforcement Targets, Inc (LET) has been awarded $5.5 million in contracts with the federal government, including $2 million with the Department of Homeland Security.
    In light of this fact, it’s no wonder that the American people were outraged last week when it was uncovered that the firm had released a series of gun practice targets featuring a pregnant woman, a child, a young mother and grandparents.

    This No More Hesitation series includes seven total targets, each subject armed: Pregnant Woman, seen in front of the backdrop of a nursery, Older Man 1, stands in his home, in front of a bookshelf and Older Man 2, Older Woman, is depicted in a bathrobe in her kitchen. The Young Mother, seen on a playground, is holding a toddler’s hand in one hand, gun in the other.
    Then there is Young Girl standing in a driveway with a sack purse slung over her shoulder, and Little Brother, a very little person indeed, is depicted in a backyard with a privacy fence behind him. “Older man” stands in his home, in front of a bookshelf.

    LET said that the targets were requested by law enforcement agencies and designed in order to “train police officers for unusually complex situations.”
    A statement released to Reason’s Mike Riggs, states:

    “The subjects in NMH targets were chosen in order to give officers the experience of dealing with deadly force shooting scenarios with subjects that are not the norm during training. I found while speaking with officers and trainers in the law enforcement community that there is a hesitation on the part of cops when deadly force is required on subjects with atypical age, frailty or condition (one officer explaining that he enlarged photos of his own kids to use as targets so that he would not be caught off guard with such a drastically new experience while on duty).
    This hesitation time may be only seconds but that is not acceptable when officers are losing their lives in these same situations. The goal of NMH is to break that stereotype on the range, regardless of how slim the chances are of encountering a real life scenario that involves a child, pregnant woman, etc. If that initial hesitation time can be cut down due to range experience, the officer and community are better served.”

    However, the American people didn’t seem to concur, and the ensuing outcry resulted in LET withdrawing the targets from circulation.

    “We apologize for the offensive nature of our ‘No More Hesitation’ products,” they posted to their facebook page last week. “These products have been taken offline due to the opinions expressed by so many, including members of the law enforcement community.”

    While the removal of the targets from the online marketplace may seem like a step in the right direction, the fact that they are being used by our supposed peace officers in the first place is sinister in its own right. The fact that our own Department of Homeland Security may be spending our money on them is disturbing as well.

    In the unlikely event that a domestic law enforcement official is faced with the unexpected threat of an armed eight-year-old or a threatening mother in the presence of her toddlers, hesitation is not only the natural response, but the moral and correct response.
    There are good and noble reasons why civilization has erected these constraints around the lives of the young and the aged and the vulnerable.

    The first and most obvious of these is that pregnant women and grandmothers and little boys rarely constitute “threats” to police officers. And if an officer is being threatened by one of these civilians in their own homes or backyards, perhaps he should consider whether it is possible that they have a genuine grievance against him?
    There is a certain horror accompanying the idea of conditioning our homeland security officers to fire without hesitation or consideration on the women and children and elderly people of their own nation.

    LET claimed in their statement about the No Hesitation campaign that hesitation was, “not acceptable when officers are losing their lives.” But a big chunk of the American people begs to differ.
    As much as we respect and admire our security personnel and police officers, we also understand the impossibility of eradicating suffering from the earth, and we prefer a humane society with traditional constraints and protections for the weak to a nation ravaged by fear and bereft of all codes of conduct.
    We prefer a society where the life of a child is not taken without hesitation by the officers employed to protect him.
    And if some – a very small number – of our officers are going to end up honorably sacrificing their lives for the sake of these codes, we prefer that to the alternative of a senseless, robotic police force that will not hesitate to riddle our disabled grandparents with bullets.

    Read more High Tide and the Turn with Bryana Johnson

    An author, history buff, self-taught artist, and enthusiastic autodidact, Bryana brings her always politically incorrect and usually passionate views about politics and the theory of government to her readers. In addition to writing for the TWTC, she also maintains the official High Tide Journal at and writes about literature and the world’s great Lover at You can also find her on twitter at @_Bryana_Johnson and on facebook.

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    Judge Andrew Napolitano via The Libertarian Republic

    And yes, it's extremely expensive.

    Department of Homeland Security Now Stocking Up On Anti-Zombie Bullets


    Posted by Austin Petersen on 13 Feb 2014 / 0 Comment

    DHS Buying 141 Thousand Rounds Of Ammunition

    by Rob Uhls

    “Beat Em Or Burn ‘Em, Either Way They Go Up Pretty Good.” -Night of the Living Dead
    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is one of the most sizable additions to the Federal government in the last 50 years. The DHS ranks as the third largest department behind the Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs. It was convened by President George W. Bush after the September 11 attacks in an effort to fight terrorism in the “homeland” – a term mainly coined around this time. In the last 5 years, the DHS has made some purchases that have left many Americans questioning the intentions of the department, itself.
    Follow TLR on Google+

    The most recent solicitation is a purchase order for 141,160 rounds (7058 boxes) of Hornady .308 Winchester 168 grain A-MAX TAP ammunition. These specific bullets are hollow point sniper rounds often advertised as “Zombie Max” alluding to the rounds power.
    The DHS is procuring top notch ammunition at a top notch price as well. Each of these rounds costs $1.20 and when questioned by the public about the expenditure, the DHS’ rebuttal was that they are saving money by buying in bulk. With that in mind, the DHS could purchase a 146 grain round that almost cuts the price in half at approximately $.69 a round.
    The DHS has made a multitude of “bulk” investments that has helped to render a shortage in the private sector alongside other factors. In 2012, DHS acquired 103 million rounds and used 116 million rounds. The department has around 70,000 public employees – that amounts to about 1300-1600 rounds per employee. Upon comparison with the United States Army, the Army consumes about 350 rounds per soldier. Given the fact that the state of the homeland has been fairly tranquil, why is the DHS using more ammunition than those fighting abroad?

    The DHS’ purchases have not been limited to ammunition. In March of 2013, the DHS purchased 2717 Mine Resistant Armored Protected Vehicles (MRAPs). These colossal vehicles are specifically fitted with openings for personnel to fire from inside the vehicle. The most unnerving acquisition made by the DHS is $2 million worth of unconventional, “no more hesitation” targets from Law Enforcement Targets Inc. These targets display non traditional combatants such as the elderly, children and pregnant women, and are intended to desensitize law enforcement to a variety of possible combatants.
    The United States has military bases in over 150 countries around the world with over 150,000 servicemen serving abroad. Is the military spread so thin abroad that another federal department is required to keep citizens safer here in the homeland?
    Robert Uhls was born and raised in Franklin, Kentucky and studied at Western Kentucky University with majors in Psychology and History. He has a unyielding interest in politics and debate. Roberts deep rooted passion for civil liberties and autonomy guide his opinion. Having been inspired by the founding fathers and the constitution he maintains a strong pursuit of liberty for all.

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    DARPA Developing One Shot XG Sniper Scope

    Chris Carrington February 15, 2014

    In view of the ongoing militarization of law enforcement agencies across the country, anything the military is developing is of interest as it will most likely find its way into the back of one of the armored vehicles that police forces are so fond of acquiring these days.

    The United States Army is currently testing 'smart rifle' technology that is designed to improve the accuracy of shots. A spokeswoman confirmed reports that its equipment-testing specialists had acquired six TrackingPoint rifles as part of efforts to identify state-of-the-art equipment.

    If the trigger is pressed nothing happens unless the shot is correctly lined up. This assures a hit as it prevents firing in error if the range is incorrect. It also eliminates trigger jerk.
    The scope has a built in Linux computer that compensates for up to 16 variables such as temperature, spin, drift and wind speed.

    According to the company behind the scopes, TrackingPoint of Austin Texas, the scope improves accuracy by a factor of five up to distances of 1,200 yards. The laser range finder allows the shooter to 'retag' the target rather than having to fire a second time alerting the target to the shooters presence.

    In addition to the TrackPoint technology, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is developing One Shot XG that can measure and compensate for cross winds of up to 33.6 mph.

    From the DARPA website:

    Military snipers may only get one chance to hit their target. The One Shot program seeks to enable snipers to accurately hit targets with the first round, under crosswind conditions, day or night, at the maximum effective range of the weapon.

    To achieve this, the One Shot system provides a measured profile of downrange crosswind and range to target. This information is then used to compensate the bullet trajectory to offset crosswind effects and range-related bullet deviations, substantially increasing the probability of a first-shot hit.

    Finally, just to throw something different into the mix, Sandia National Laboratories, owned by Lockheed Martin, is developing self-guiding bullets. They steer using tiny fins, allowing them to adjust their course to hit moving, pre-designated targets.

    We are getting to the point where if someone from the government wants to shoot you, there really is little chance of escape.

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