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    The Horrifying Details Of The Independence Day Train Stabbing In DC

    I would think twice before taking my family to DC.
    The Horrifying Details Of The Independence Day Train Stabbing In DC

    6:18 PM 07/08/2015

    Two men among many got on a train heading for festivities in downtown D.C. on the Fourth of July, but only one of them got off alive. A police affidavit released Tuesday shows the gruesome details of a robbery attempt gone wrong.

    Shortly after 12:30 p.m. on July 4, Kevin Sutherland entered a train station on his way to meet some friends in the city. Shortly after, another man, Jasper Spires, entered the station, and the two waited for the train to arrive.

    When the train pulled into the station, the two men joined the other Fourth of July revelers in one of the cars.
    That’s when tragedy struck.

    Spires attempted to grab a cellphone from Sutherland’s waistband and the two began to tussle, according to witness testimony in the affidavit. Spires then began punching Sutherland in the face until he fell to the ground, where the assault continued.

    Jasper Spires

    Kevin Sutherland

    Once on the ground, witnesses said Sutherland cried for help before Spires pulled out a knife and stabbed him between 30 and 40 times in the chest, abdomen, back, side and arms, until he was dead.

    At that point, Spires reportedly grabbed the cellphone, which had fallen on to the floor, and smashed it on Sutherland’s lifeless body before repeatedly kicking him in the head.

    When he was done, Spires turned his attention to the rest of the passengers on the crowded train car. He stormed toward one witness and demanded they hand over their money.

    “What do y’all got?,” Spires asked the train passenger.

    The passenger, who was not named in the affidavit, handed over around $65 and another female victim gave Spires an unknown sum of money.

    This all happened in the three minutes it took for the train to travel from the Rhode Island Avenue station to the NoMa-Galludet University station. Once the train arrived, Spires sprinted off the train, down an escalator and hopped over a turnstile before disappearing into the crowd of tourists in the city to celebrate the holiday.

    Before leaving the train station, though, Spires reportedly dropped a bookbag containing a brown washcloth that contained what is believed to be Sutherland’s blood and a health insurance card with the name Jasper Spires on it, and threw a knife into a nearby trashcan.

    Police arrested Spires and charged him with murder, following a citywide manhunt Monday morning.

    The affidavit shows that police arrested Spires on July 2 for an unrelated robbery, and he was released on his own recognizance the following day, less than 24 hours before he allegedly murdered Sutherland.

    Read all the details here:

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    A little more information on the victim.

    The False Narrative: Democratic Political Operative Slashed To Death By Black Assailant on Washington Metro

    Posted on July 8, 2015 by Hunter Wallace
    Democratic political strategist slaughtered on Washington Metro
    By Hunter Wallace

    Here’s an example of the bullshit that Kevin Sutherland was spouting on his Facebook page on June 18 about Dylann Roof’s shooting spree in Charleston:

    Did you hear that? According to Kevin Sutherland, the American flag represents a “more perfect Union,” and it was institutionalized racism that “cultivated” Dylann Roof. Sutherland was obviously a progressive who bought into the SPLC’s notion that the C of CC has spread a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”

    Two weeks later, Kevin Sutherland was probably in a festive mood when he fatefully boarded the Washington Metro on July 4th in his beloved Washington, DC, along with one of those “allegedly violent people of color,” Jasper Spires:
    “Jasper Spires boarded the Red Line Metro train at Rhode Island Avenue shortly before 1 p.m. on Saturday, joining fellow passengers from the District and elsewhere headed to various July 4 festivities, among them the Foo Fighters concert at RFK Stadium.

    As the train rumbled toward its next stop at NoMa-Gallaudet, a three-minute ride, D.C. police said the 18-year-old Spires — who might have been high on synthetic drugs — tried to grab a cellphone tucked into the waistband of a recent American University graduate headed to a gathering with friends.

    Police and a witness interviewed said passengers trapped in the moving train huddled at both ends of the car and watched in horror as Spires allegedly punched 24-year-old Kevin Joseph Sutherland until he fell to floor, then stabbed him until he was dead. Court documents say the victim was cut or stabbed 30 or 40 times in the chest, abdomen, back, side and arms. Police said the assailant then threw the victim’s cellphone and returned to stomp on Sutherland’s body.”

    Here’s what Kevin Sutherland had to say about gun control on his own personal website:
    “Since I am in politics, there is one phrase coined by our Founding Fathers that really strikes me. When they founded this nation, they set out to create a “more perfect Union.” The important distinction in this phrase is that our Union is not perfect. More than 225 years later, despite so much change, this is still true. It is likely that we will never achieve absolute perfection, but I believe that the heart of American exceptionalism is that we never stop trying. If history is any guide, the forces for progress always succeed eventually, no matter how formidable their opposition is. Our fight is not merely for new gun control measures or even new mental health programs. It is for the creation of an even more perfect Union.

    That is why I am a liberal and that is why I am in Newtown.”

    As he was stabbed to death almost forty times by a black career criminal, one has to wonder whether in his last seconds on earth that it ever occurred to Kevin Sutherland that segregation or a gun may have saved his life, or that he would end up being featured on this website as a victim of black-on-white crime.

    RIP Kevin Sutherland, martyr for “an even more perfect Union.” Gone, but not forgotten.

    Note: The video below comes from his YouTube account.

    <font color="#333333"><span style="font-family: Georgia">

    DC Through the Lens

    Kevin Sutherland

    Add to Share More
    Published on Nov 4, 2013
    Three summers ago, I got my very first digital SLR. It was my first summer in Washington, DC and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to develop my photography skills and photograph some of the most beautiful treasures America has.

    Two years ago, I created a photo and film project for a college course encompassing some of the pictures I had taken that Fall. The video incorporated an excerpt of Hans Zimmer's track "Time" from the Inception soundtrack. The final project in the class was referred to as our 'Magnum Opus.'

    The video is still something I am extremely proud to have created. However, with some additional work, I have achieved something that can truly be called a 'Magnum Opus.' The video above uses the complete music track and showcases just a handful of the greatest photos I have taken over the past two years.

    I hope you enjoy it.

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