How the Banksters and Oligarchs have doomed the New World Order agenda

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SOTN Editor’s Note: While the following historical retrospective analysis well captures the key common threads that run through the rise and fall of all empires over the past 5000 years, it avoids discussion of the most important subject—the Black Babylonian Brotherhood-inspired banksters. For it has always been the primary goal of each subsequent generation of banksters to completely own and operate planet Earth with absolute authority. As a matter of historical fact, the banksters have always been behind the entire multi-millennial scheme leading to their New World Order and totalitarian One World Government.


Hence, whenever the word “oligarch” or “oligarchy” or “oligarchic” appears in the preceding essay, it’s of paramount importance to understand that each and every oligarch is a made man. For without the total support of copious amounts of funding and financing provided by the banksters, no oligarchy can survive…and certainly not flourish as so many oligarchies have over the past 50 centuries.

What the whole world is now witnessing is the predictable culmination of global power and influence accrued by the hegemonic oligarchy during this extremely fast-moving, unpredictable and apocalyptic Information Age. In point of fact, old empires never really die, they just transition into the emerging empires of the unfolding new era. However, eventually that inexorable process of devolution hits a wall—HARD!

Of course, the most recent incarnation of an oligarchic global empire is the United States of American, which is really the US-UK Empire. Which is really the Zio-Anglo-American Axis of nations. What this really means is that the collective of oligarchs who populate the G20 nations minus China have the luxury of using NATO (aka North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) to exert their supremacy across the planet. In other words, the Global Economic & Financial System has been theirs to use however they see fit lest NATO, the enforcer, be called in to police their trademarked predatory capitalism worldwide.

In light of this stark reality, it ought to be clear that the United States is only the latest and greatest empire — now well-known as the “Empire of Lies” — to undergo a controlled demolition by the banksters. Just as the Egyptian Empire, Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Holy Roman Empire, Venetian Empire, Portuguese Empire, Spanish Empire, French Empire, Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire and British Empire have each undergone a final collapse precipitated by the banksters, the American Empire has now been slated for an epic financial and economic implosion this decade.

No one can trigger financial breakdowns and economic depressions like the banksters can, as the original banksters have had close to 6000 years of experience (i.e duration of the Hebrew calendar). Inasmuch as 2022 is the Hebrew year of the Shemitah, as well as a Jubilee, one only has to look at the wreck and ruin that has systematically occurred every 7 years over the centuries. These global cataclysms include the various market crashes that took place in 2015, 2008, 2001, 1994, 1987, etc. since the Shemitah occurs unfailingly every 7 years.

KEY POINT: It’s quite debatable whether the current Western oligarchs are aware that they are bringing about the total destruction of the system that they have exploited for generations with great success. Perhaps they are all being stealthily led to their demise by a powerful satanic force that knows just how to manipulate them, just as they have manipulated the masses for eons. After all, who in their right mind would ever poke a bear in the eye that is armed to the hilt with nuclear weapons? See: THE FINAL WORLD WAR: Khazarians vs. the Rus’ People

What this really means is that the entire planetary civilization is about to experience the final disintegration of the whole god-forsaken BEAST System. For this fatally flawed financial and economic paradigm can no longer be practically maintained. Not even with the most advanced AI platforms directed by Autonomous Superintelligence can the BEAST be artificially propped up. In short, the current monetary systems, fiscal controls and regulations, and international commercial arrangements are no longer sustainable. The BEAST System has actually been on life support for decades, although very few were aware of it.

But why is the BEAST System now fated to the dustbin of history?

Because many of the most powerful and influential oligarchs around the globe are no longer singing off the same sheet of music. And, because of the rapid crack-up of globalism especially in the wake of Russia’s special military operation. And, because the oligarchic model of governance is fundamentally greed-oriented, extremely oppressive and profoundly predatory as seen by the never-ending warmongering on every continent. Whenever national economies morph into war economies the world over, it’s only a matter of time before the foreordained implosion transpires.

In view of the mathematical certainty of this epoch-ending eventuality, it will again fall to the banksters to push the button on the coming controlled demolition; unless, of course, divine intervention either averts it altogether or accelerates the catastrophe. The great irony here is that, it is the globalist oligarchs themselves who have pushed the whole world to the very edge of the abyss. Their legendary greed, avarice and rapaciousness can now be witnessed in real time as the snake of predatory capitalism devours its own head.

So, as you read the highly illuminating disquisition at the link that follows, be aware that we are all watching the end of oligarchy. Truly, the kleptocratic plutocracy is soon to undergo its termination. Planet Earth itself, along with the human race, can no longer tolerate the terrible wars and armed conflicts, plagues and pandemics, as well as financial and economic calamities inflicted by those perpetual parasites and bloodsuckers who make up the oligarchy. Yes, the final end of the oligarchs is nigh!


The Original Banksters

Very few understand the true meaning of God’s “Chosen People”. Both Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazi Jewry are extremely tribal in their acculturation process from cradle to grave. They are also born and bred to worship money which is why the world community of nations was quite purposefully conditioned by the American banksters to forever worship the Almighty Dollar (especially the petrodollar).

KEY POINTS: With the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 and establishment of the Federal Reserve System across the USA, the fate of the American Republic was sealed. For it was this tragic series of highly consequential events that permitted THE TRIAD to take complete control of the nation via the bogus and unconstitutional U.S. Corporation. See: The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

It’s entirely true: the moneychangers and money lenders of ancient Judaism were the seed race for those chosen by the Highest Power to administer this prison planet. It’s a “prison planet” primarily because all of us are financially incarcerated and economically imprisoned within the BEAST System.

The primary means of maintaining ‘law and order’ in this planetary penitentiary is through a variety of financial rules and regulations as well as economic incentives and disincentives, all of which have been malevolently created by the banksters. Just name any industry today and the history books will show that it was the banksters who backed them to the very heights of their respective successes.

How else could the massive Covid Industry have grown so quickly into a global enterprise of extraordinary predation and exploitation, unless it had been first supported by the conscienceless banksters?! As follows:



As wars break out between the oligarchs (e.g. Elon Musk & Bill Gates) and the banksters pursue competing agendas revolving around sheer self-preservation, the entire house of cards will surely fall.

While they had the run of the whole place for millennia, nothing lasts forever. The macrocosmic powers at work are now simply too great for the banksters and oligarchs to successfully fight. With the pervasiveness of the Internet, the microcosmic forces are also too many, particularly in the aggregate, for them to effectively defeat.

In fact, the multitudinous countervailing forces now present the most formidable foe the banksters and oligarchs have ever faced—PEOPLE POWER. Every country will soon see an explosion of people power as the BEAST System becomes ever more tyrannical and barbaric.

Which leads the dark side, ultimately, to exercising their last and only option—pulling the plug on the Global Gambling Casino and taking their losses before they disappear into the night.

What remains to be seen is whether the NWO globalist perps will be permitted to escape with their ill-gotten gains … or just escape to a safe harbor … or even escape with their heads.

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July 29, 2022

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