How the Chinese Communist Party exploited COVID, Big Pharma to wage war on the US

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(Natural News) (LifeSiteNews) — In a speech delivered at Hillsdale College in March as part of a conference on big pharma, the chairman and founding member of the Committee on the Present Danger: China argued that the events surrounding China, COVID, and Big Pharma form part of an ongoing war waged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against the United States in an effort to expand the Chinese borders and influence.
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At the beginning of the talk, Brian T. Kennedy noted that “much of what [he had] to say… [was] the product of work by the committee to try to understand the machinations of Communist China and our own government, which has seemingly become very malleable and subject to manipulation by the Chinese Communist Party.”
China, CCP, and the prolonged war against the United States

Kennedy, speaking about the CCP, stated that its single goal was “the control of the earth and all the peoples of it,” breaking down actions that China has taken since 2019.
In May 2019, the People’s Daily, the CCP’s news organization, called for a “people’s war” against the United States, Kennedy remarked. According to Kennedy, the reason for the declaration was that “the United States had the temerity to try to enforce some kind of ban, some kind of mechanism to stop Communist China… from stealing about $500 billion per year in intellectual property from the United States.”
“[The CCP] believed they had control of the United States before Donald Trump and the MAGA movement,” Kennedy continued. “They had captured the elites in the West. They thought they had bought them off.”
According to Kennedy, Trump’s successful presidential bid changed the Chinese view. “The MAGA movement and Donald Trump, however, represented something different. It represented a genuine resurgence of American nationalism. It represented an awakening of the American people,” he said.
Kennedy further noted that within months of the People’s Daily’s call for a “people’s war,” COVID-19 surfaced in Wuhan.
“It matters little whether it was intentionally leaked from a lab or not,” Kennedy stated. “What is clear is that they allowed it to spread throughout the world, knowing the harm it would cause. And just as a practical matter, even if it were an intentional attack, in war, deception matters. And even an intentional attack required that it looked like an accident.”
“Regardless, COVID-19 was used as a bioweapon against the United States,” Kennedy continued.
Kennedy also discussed the Chinese view of warfare with the United States, noting that a book released in 1995 called Unrestricted Warfare, published by two Chinese colonels, and a secret speech delivered in 2003 by Chinese General Chi Haotian in which Chi argued that a Chinese war with the United States is inevitable and necessary for the CCP to survive.
“In the book,” Kennedy said on Unrestricted Warfare, “the two colonels believe that war between China and the United States is inevitable, and the [People’s Republic of China], they believe, must be prepare, if [China is] to win, to engage in any means necessary to achieve this.”
Kennedy continued, quoting Chi, who compared China’s position with that of Nazi Germany’s quest during World War II for “living space,” argued that to successfully expand China, the Chinese must overcome Western opposition to expansion, led by the United States, only after biding its time to be more technologically developed to launch a surprise attack.
Chi further claimed that the Chinese discovered America before Christopher Columbus, giving them a right to the land, and that if the Chinese manage to solve what he called the “issue of America,” then the “western countries of Europe would bow to us, not to mention Taiwan, Japan and other small countries.”
Chi noted in his speech, however, that the warfare waged against the United States could not be a conventional war fought with bullets and missiles, saying, “Only by using non-destructive weapons that kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves.”
Chi gave two other possible scenarios for such a war. “If our biological weapons succeed in the surprise attack,” Chi said, “the Chinese people will be able to keep their losses at minimum in the fight with the United States. If, however, the attack fails and triggers a nuclear reaction from the United States, China would perhaps suffer a catastrophe in which more than half of its population would perish.”
Kennedy, remarking on Chi’s speech, said, “The idea that [the Chinese] describe using biological weapons against us has a way of, in my mind, it gives some logic to everything we’ve been living under for the past three years.”
Kennedy continued referencing Chi’s speech, noting that Chi mentioned a 1995 meeting of the Gorbachev Foundation in San Francisco, in which he claimed that Foundation members concluded that the world’s economic output could be maintained by 20% of what was then the world’s population. According to Chi’s comments on the meeting, “The people in attendance thought that this excess 80% population would be a trash population, and a, quote, ‘high-tech means’ should be used to eliminate them gradually.”
The CCP and Big Pharma

After discussing Chi’s speech, Kennedy linked what he had discussed concerning China to Big Pharma.
Discussing Big Pharma, Kennedy noted that “Big Pharma has been in the business to make money by dealing with all the problems that either one set of drugs cause or that a vaccine causes… And you can see that Big Pharma’s gotten rich, that, you know, you watch any sports or TV show, and… it’s sponsored by Pfizer, Moderna, Novartis.”
Discussing the specific drugs advertised on television, Kennedy remarked, “But you almost think ‘These are such obscure drugs. What is the point of advertising for them?’ And then you realize maybe they’re not really advertising to fix the problem, but to control the network… If they control the network by subsidizing all these TV shows… then that has a corrupting influence.”
Referencing “China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine” by Rosemary Gibson, also a member of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, and co-authored by Janardan Prasad Singh, Kennedy noted, “The upshot of [the book] was that in even greater pursuit of profits, America’s pharmaceuticals industry has exported both the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and actual pharmaceutical ingredients from which the drugs are made,” stating further that pharmaceutical companies have also outsourced pharmaceutical research into their drugs.
Further discussing Big Pharma’s decision to outsource to China, Kennedy stated that “[China’s] strategy is to be openly the world’s pharmacy. So they not only want to produce the drugs, they want to produce the active pharmaceutical ingredients, they want the money for the research to investigate all these things.”
“So when… Anthony Fauci goes and has the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) through EcoHealth Alliance… do what appears to be gain-of-function research, this is just how the world works here. That’s just how the world works. We’re just gonna let China do all this for us” Kennedy continued.
He further noted that one Chinese politburo official threatened to stop the shipping of pharmaceuticals to the United States after criticism of the Chinese’ handling of the WIV leak, saying, “One of the Chinese members of the politburo said that they were going to start denying us… the active pharmaceutical ingredients. And he said, quote, ‘We would be drowned in a sea of coronavirus.’”
Speaking about the COVID jabs, Kennedy said, “The issue of the vaccines is something we really need to get to the bottom of in this new Congress. I think what President Trump was promised from Pfizer and Moderna was not what we actually got. I don’t think there was any time when someone said to President Trump… ‘We’re gonna give you an mRNA, you know, gene therapy.’”
“He was promised [a]… vaccine of the kind that we took when we were kids for a variety of things,” he continued. “And so this was a new thing. He was promised something that was a traditional vaccine that was going to save America’s lives. Now I do think he had a faith in modern science that we now know is unwarranted, that I’m not sure he fully appreciated just how corrupt our government agencies, led by [Anthony] Fauci in part, were, in dealing with all this. And that seems to me a great political tragedy that we need to consider.”
“And I think before Congress, Albert Bourla… the CEO of Pfizer… and Stephane Mancel of Moderna, they should be asked how these mRNA gene therapies got to be our vaccines, because, as a practical matter, that simply didn’t make any sense.”
Concluding his speech, Kennedy said, “It think what we’re seeing here is a matter of high government policy by Communist China in what I would term the ‘demonic forces’ of globalism that are within the organizations like the World Economic Forum. I think we’re seeing with all of these in an effort to depopulate the planet.”
“The World Economic Forum and writers such as Paul Ehrlich have raised a specter that we’re overpopulated… There’s a group of people on this planet, whether they’re Communist China, who would like America, or the World Economic Forum, or radical environmentalists, who think we’re overpopulated, and now they’re going to take it upon themselves to remake the world.”
“We in this room who care about human freedom must rally our countrymen to understand the threat before us,” he continued. “We must re-moralize our people and be children of light in the darkness that surrounds us. The cause of freedom has never been more in danger. Let us commit ourselves like never before to its defense.”
Kennedy’s speech was not the only speech at the Hillsdale conference that discussed the connection between the CCP and Big Pharma.
Dr. Naomi Wolf delivered a speech synthesizing several “headline” discoveries from analyses of thousands of Pfizer documents, discussing how the COVID “vaccine” enterprise intentionally sought to not only “disrupt and impair human reproduction” but “attack” and “kill” large numbers of people, particularly in the West.
Discussing the CCP and the COVID jabs, Wolf explained how CCP-affiliated Fosun Pharmaceutical plays a significant role in developing and distributing the Pfizer/BioNTech biological warfare agents that are marketed as “COVID-19 vaccines.”
She explained that the CCP owns the manufacturing plants “producing the injection that goes into the bodies of schoolchildren here in the United States of America,” and further how studies overseen by the CCP reveal they knew full well that LNPs damage fertility and cause myocarditis.
“To me, it is obvious,” she said, that these investigative studies were intended “to show the Chinese Communist Party how you kill Westerners without leaving fingerprints.”
“I believe we’re looking at a mass murder situation, a war, a war crime, [and] crimes against humanity,” Wolf assessed. And with regard to “all of these evil doers” who are responsible, “friendly as they look in their little outfits, talking to the cameras,” the author disclosed, “I hope they will all face justice in this lifetime.”
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