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    If 9/11 & COVID had a baby, what would it be? TERRORISM

    If 9/11 & COVID had a baby, what would it be?

    03/15/2024 // News Editors // 2.5K Views

    Tags: 9/11, big government, brainwashed, Collapse, conspiracy, COVID, deception, deep state, enslaved, false-flag, fascism, freedom, Journalism, Liberty, lies, mainstream media, mind control, obey, Osama Bin Laden, pandemic, propaganda, sheeple, terrorism, Tyranny, War on Terror, Xpost

    The consent of the governed is either intolerable or impossible.(Article by Alix Mayer republished from
    Yes, even right here in the ol’ Constitutional Republic of the United States.
    Sorry, I know that sounds a bit Negative Nellie. Sadly, I now think it’s true.
    I have a master’s degree in management. Commonly called an MBA. I think about how things are run. All the time. I deconstruct systems to see how they were assembled. For example, here is my COVID Supra-Emergency presentation laying out the Howdunit of COVID: all the unlawful hi jinx to bring us The Worlds’ Most Deadly Product.
    I didn't study political science, however, COVID lockdowns were a good poli sci teacher for me.
    When Noam Chomsky’s book, Manufacturing Consent, was first published in 1988, it focused on media manipulation to ensure a population would reject Communism. Of course he also acknowledged that the media cannot bite the hand that feeds them, the corporations that pay to advertise.
    I have actually seen this first hand, as I know someone who owns and runs the biggest business in a small country. Need a favorable story? Write one and submit it to the largest newspaper. Done.
    Manufacturing an anti-Communism agenda seems, prima facie, like a good Humanitarian objective. But think of the irony! We accept media manipulation - for the Greater Good - to prevent Communism which is purportedly for the Greater Good. I’m a Libertarian, but maybe my feelings on Communism were so manipulated by the media that I automatically reject it? How would I know now?
    Manufactured Consent overtly shifted after September 11, 2001. I’m sure you noticed. I began to understand the concept of false flags. But it wasn’t totally obvious to me what the end game was until COVID lockdowns. Lockdowns were Part 2 of manufacturing consent for a Digital ID technocracy. The creepy push for vaccine passports, the placeholder for the Digital ID, brought it all into focus.
    Starting with bat soup at a wet market, I soon realized we were hurtling toward digital control of the Global population. COVID was not about a virus or a pandemic. It was a means to an end.
    It was the invisible weaponized architecture to make the governed walk into a government-controlled digital prison.
    So, the offspring of 9/11 and COVID? I posit they are the parents of a coming cyber-attack. Read on so that doesn’t seem like a non-sequitur.
    The First War on “Terror”: 9/11
    9/11 appears to be a scripted narrative that brought us the Patriot Act, the National Security Agency (NSA,) and the Real ID Act of 2005. It started with images of aluminum-body airplanes going through steel-girded buildings. [Blink, blink.] Then some Mickey Mouse videos emerged of the perps swinging on playground rings. Ah, yes, just your average pilot training… to fly planes into skyscrapers! An anchor on CNN, standing in front of a live shot of Building 7 intact in the background, reported it had just collapsed. But it stood proudly - perhaps defiantly - on the live feed. Then we saw Building 7 implode, sans airplane attack.
    The instant conclusion: “Terrorists” from any country could kill us at any time.
    The new invisible enemy was so scary, all air travelers suddenly had to submit to humiliating “put your hands up” poses while being irradiated. And undress in public. “Ma’am, is that a sweater or a shirt? Do you have anything on under that? If it’s a sweater, please take it off.” And limit liquids and gels to 3 oz each, and fit them in a quart-sized baggie. How random is that? And take our shoes off because one guy tried to blow up an entire airplane by lighting his shoes on fire. Did anyone really believe that at the time?
    Due to the fear created by 9/11, we voluntarily gave up a little privacy and other civil liberties to assure us of our security. Our consent was manufactured. Re-think the change in airport security without an inciting incident like 9/11. How many would have gone along so quickly and easily?
    Let me use a super basic example of what 9/11 accomplished regarding giving up civil liberties for greater security. Last year, Dr. Naomi Wolf stayed at my house, or my “queendom” as she so kindly called it. Dr. Wolf was sunbathing in a lounge chair, but my puppy kept jumping on her. The puppy problem manufactured her consent for a solution. I put a bunch of zig zag gates around Dr. Wolf so the puppy couldn't get near her, but then she couldn’t switch chairs as the sun moved. I had removed some of her personal liberty in exchange for her security from my puppy. Security can be inconvenient. Dr. Wolf ended up abandoning the shelter of the gates to seek sun in a different lounge chair. She instead chose her freedom at the of risk puppy jumps. (Hindsight is 20/20: Now, I would have put my puppy on a leash and tied her to me.)
    The Second War on “Terror:” COVID-19
    COVID-19 was another scripted narrative about a “pandemic” that attempted to push everyone onto a vaccine passport. The definition of pandemic was watered down in 2009 with Swine Flu, ahem, sorry pigs, H1N1.
    The media told us it began in China. Viruses never emerge from Madison, Wisconsin. That’s not scary enough to Americans.
    Not only was this new virus from China; the media said it came from bat soup. Admit it, as an American, you didn’t think Chinese ate bats or bat soup. But every media outlet said the Chinese ate bat soup from a wet market. And if viruses are in a soup, surely it’s a cooked soup, and viruses are supposedly killed by heat. I’ve never heard of a chilled bat gazpacho, which could theoretically be infectious. That’s when I cried bullshit, or batshit. They missed the mark on that one. I was agog until I realized this batshit narrative meant we were in serious trouble.
    Regarding scripted media narratives, I’d also watched in horror how the “we got bin Laden” narrative rolled out. It was hard to find him for years, what with all the cave-hiding (really?,) but since he was purportedly on dialysis, he was bound to show up in an urban area. Like Abbottabad. Then William & Kate married on April 29, 2011. Global eyeballs were glued to the TV for days, savoring royal wedding moments. What an opportune time to take over the TV news cycle. Then on May 2, we “got bin Laden” with the one raid that happened to be live-fed into a War Room with a contemplative Obama, and Hilary, posing with a hand over her mouth. Then, we took a DNA sample of bin Laden and, per Muslim tradition, [cough, cough] and immediately sent his body out to sea. And I hesitated to add this, but remember SEAL Team 6, the heroes who invaded the Abbottabad hide-out? Yeah. In a fatal Afghanistan helicopter crash on August 6, 2011, all on board, including 15 SEAL Team 6 members, were killed. The official narrative is that the SEAL deaths didn’t include anyone from the Abbottabad bin Laden home raid. I was actually with someone in September of that year who knew a lot of those men. Suffice it to say the official narrative is different than what I was told.
    Do you remember what the Chinese scientists did with the first biological samples of SARS CoV-2? They sequenced it in January 2020, then destroyed it so no one could peer-review their work. Uh huh. Just like bin Laden’s body. Maybe they were following Muslim tradition again.
    Then, after the COVID shots rolled out, we were manipulated to be scared of literally everyone. They wanted us to believe in asymptomatic spread, even though we have video of Fauci saying before lockdowns that asymptomatic spread is “not a driver of outbreaks.”
    A search on PubMed, as of the publication time of this article, found 2,107 studies using the search term “overcoming vaccine hesitancy.” Clearly they studied how to market the shots. I’m sure this research concluded that the idea of an unvaccinated person killing COVID-vaccinated Grandma was the most terrifying thing anyone could imagine.
    Anyone could be sick and kill you at any time because it’s “I Believe in Science” to say that the presence of an asymptomatic unvaccinated person will suddenly and temporarily make a vaccinated person’s vaccine not work, and then the vaccinated person could get sick or die. Wow. Stunning New Normal Science* right there. In the New Normal Science, vaccines are now dependent on others getting them so the vaccinated person’s product will work. It’s therefore only logical to get your own vaccine passport or vaccine card, and demand to see others’ passports and cards!
    The new invisible virus enemy was so scary, most Americans embraced pseudo-science, voluntarily gave up their bodily autonomy, their right to informed consent, their medical privacy and even insisted on violating the medical privacy of others to find out if it was safe to be in a restaurant with another person. However, if someone died after 2021, it was verboten to ask if someone had been injected with the COVID shot. All deaths after 2021 are still ABV. Anything But the Vaccine.
    Another major social shift was that the job of policing the population to disclose personal information was now no longer in the hands of the TSA or law enforcement or the medical system, it was now distributed to the entire population. That’s another building block, if you are paying attention.
    Read more at:

    If 9/11 & COVID had a baby, what would it be? –
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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