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    The Illuminati is known to, "TELEGRAPH ITS PUNCHES" OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN

    The Illuminati is known to, "TELEGRAPH ITS PUNCHES"; so is this a glimpse to the American people of whats to come in the near future?

    In case you don't know what "TELEGRAPH ITS PUNCHES" means, I'll explain...

    The term is used to refer to the practice of letting the citizens of the world and/or a specific county know exactly what is about to happen to them in this quest for a global New World Order.

    In many instances, a movie or TV show will air, depicting very closely what is planned and what later does happen. In other instances, official proclamations from key individuals and/or government agencies proclaim what later does really happen.

    So it makes me wonder if this movie is one of the punches they're hitting America with?

    OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN - Extended Trailer - In Theaters 3/22 - YouTube
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    From the trailer it almost looks like a partial rip off of Vince Flynn's book, Transfer of Power. In the book,the White House is taken by terrorists and the the President manages to barricade in the bunker. The hero, Mitch Rapp, infiltrates the White House and kills the terrorists. Interesting..

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    Ive been seeing these trailers a lot on TV and I find it inappropriate to refer to the White House as Olympus. Olympus is the Greek mythological home of the gods.

    We do not have gods or emperors in America and it feels like more Hollywood and Globalist glorification of the Executive Branch to broadcast Olympus has fallen again and again.

    It also feels like some kind of communist message saying that the American culture descending from the Greek and Roman traditions has been or will be wiped out by Chinese and Islamists working together perhaps? Now there is a script that I could believe was factual.

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