Insurance data confirms sharp increase in “sudden deaths” following covid jab rollout

Thursday, January 19, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) The latest dataset from German life insurance giant KBV, an association that represents all doctors who practice in Germany and hold insurance, shows that sudden deaths indeed spiked dramatically immediately following the rollout of covid “vaccines” in late 2020.
Ever since the launch of Operation Warp Speed, “vague or unspecified causes of death” have increased sharply, the KBV shows. We know this thanks to a Freedom of Information request filed by the German parliamentary party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), which presented it at a recent press conference that was put together by data activist Tom Lausen.
A graph in Lausen’s presentation shows a noteworthy increase in “sudden deaths” after the jabs were widely introduced, including “death occurring within fewer than 24 hours after onset of symptoms” and “other vague or unspecified causes of death.”
This spike occurred at the beginning of 2021 right after the injections were unleashed globally. Between 2016 and 2020, the average number of sudden or unspecified deaths per day hovered between 13 and 17. In 2021 and beyond, that figure spiked to around 100 per day.
As for vaccine side effects, there were about 200,000 per year reported in the years prior to 2021. In 2021 and beyond, that figure spiked as well to an astounding 2.5 million side effects annually. (Related: Even before covid, government data revealed that vaccines cause sudden death.)
Head of Germany’s largest health insurance provider fired for warning about massive uptick in sudden deaths following release of covid jabs

There is simply no way that this is all just a coincidence. Sudden deaths and vaccine side effects do not just dramatically increase orders of magnitude higher out of nowhere for no reason.
The only thing that changed in 2021 was the release of covid injections, which Lausen and the AfD emphasized during their presentation before the media. They also pointed out that the Robert-Koch-Institut and the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut – these are federal German institutions similar to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States – failed in their duty to analyze this data themselves, hence why a Freedom of Information request had to be filed.
Lausen further suggested during his presentation that the two federal agencies in Germany were intentionally shrouding this data from the public to limit “vaccine hesitancy.” Had the German people known the true risks involved, many of them might have said no to the shots.
You may recall from back in early 2022 that Andreas Schöfbeck, chairman of the board of Germany’s largest health insurance provider BKK ProVita, sounded the alarm about similarly high rates of side effects and sudden death post-Operation Warp Speed. He was ignored by German authorities and subsequently fired from his post for telling the truth.
“Not only did this hero Schöfbeck lose his job for being a whistleblower, ‘It is estimated that 90% of the suspicious deaths that occur after vaccination are not reported to the PEI’ there in Germany,” added a commenter to the conversation.
“This is in keeping with the finding that the U.S. VAERs reports only 1 in 100 events, including deaths.”
Another wrote that insurance carrier data like the kind presented by Schöfbeck and Lausen is “the postmodern canary in the mine shaft” as it tells all about what is really going on here.
“I believe that Australia, where lockdowns were supreme and jabs and mask mandates were ruthlessly enforced by bullies and stooges, now has about 17% excess deaths,” another commenter chimed in about the matter.
“In the West, hundreds of police have resigned. Wonder why? Still, the longer it goes, the more of this there will be.”
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