IRS, EPA and other non-law enforcement agencies spending BILLIONS on guns and ammo… what are they planning to do?

Thursday, May 04, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) A watchdog group called Open the Books has released a report warning that government agencies like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are stockpiling billions of dollars’ worth of taxpayer-funded guns, ammunition, and other “military-style equipment.”
Since 2006, a whopping 76 “rank-and-file agencies” that exist outside “traditional law enforcement entities” or the Department of Defense (DOD) have spent an astounding $3.7 billion on “guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment,” the report states.
The other non-law enforcement agencies that are doing this include the National Institutes of Health (NIH), formerly headed up by Francis Collins; NASA; and the Small Business Administration (SBA).
While the purchasing and stockpiling of these items on the American taxpayer dime has been occurring for nearly two decades, it has really ramped up under fake president Joe Biden, Open the Books further found.
Data provided to the Washington Free Beacon shows that IRS annual spending on weapons and ammunition has nearly doubled ever since Biden was installed into the White House. Across the entire government over the same period, spending has increased overall by 60 percent.
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IRS size, budget has increased to the size of 50 of America’s largest police departments combined

As was infamously announced last year, the Biden regime desperately wants to hire an additional 87,000 new IRS employees, which coupled with the private collection agency’s stockpiling of guns and ammo spells a really ugly future for Americans.
Republicans claim to be fighting against the IRS plan, which clearly aims to weaponize the federal government against the people it supposedly serves.
“A culture of militarization has permeated across the federal bureaucracy,” warns Adam Andrzejewski, the founder and CEO of Open the Books. “In many cases, these agencies are stockpiling the very weapons some politicians seek to ban citizens from owning.”
Since 2006, the IRS alone has spent $35.2 million on weaponry, including $725,000 on ammunition just in 2022. The IRS’ weapons purchased peaked in 2020 and 2021 when the Biden regime authorized it to purchase “$10 million in weaponry and gear.”
Right now, about 2,100 IRS agents are said to have “firearm authority.” With the planned Biden expansion of the IRS, an additional 600 will be equipped like soldiers to fight against the American people.
The Biden regime used covid as an excuse to increase the budget for the IRS, which prior to the increase “owned 4,500 weapons, including AR-15 rifles, submachine guns, and five million rounds of ammunition,” according to the Open the Books report.
Today, the IRS has ballooned in size to the equivalent of 50 of the largest police departments in the United States combined.
“It’s not only the IRS, but dozens of other rank-and-file administrative federal agencies,” Andrzejewski says. “So, just who are they preparing to battle?”
Over at the NIH, the “police forces” there include 105 officers, which is larger than 95 percent of the police departments that exist across the U.S.
“This includes sophisticated training, night vision equipment, and weaponry,” Open the Books warns.
The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health is also “involved in the purchase of $100 million in guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment,” the organization revealed.
Currently, the federal government as a whole employs more than 200,000 agents with “arrest and firearm authority,” the report further states.
“There is no need for a highly weaponized agency,” one commenter wrote in disgust. “Have a small special squad for the really bad guys. The latest moves by the IRS are unnecessary and are actually dangerous to people and to the Republic which is supposed to serve those people.”
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IRS, EPA and other non-law enforcement agencies spending BILLIONS on guns and ammo… what are they planning to do? –