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    Israel wants US to prevent Iranian nuclear weapo

    Israel wants US to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons

    India Times
    19 September 2009

    WASHINGTON: Ahead of the crucial talks of P5+1 with Iran, Israel has said it expects the international community led by the US to prevent Tehran
    from acquiring nuclear weapons and did not rule out the use of military option against Iran if the talks or sanctions did not yield desired results.

    "Israel expects the international community, led by the United States, to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear military capabilities," Israeli Ambassador to US Michael Oren told the MSNBC news in an interview.

    The Israeli Ambassador supported US President Barack Obama's programme of engaging the Iranians during a period "that's just limited".

    "We have assurances that that period will be limited, that by the end of this year, the US will have a better idea of whether Iran is willing to suspend Iranian enrichment on its territory and failing that, the American -- the administration is determined to proceed with a package of crippling sanctions," Oren said.

    Oren said Israel is cooperating closely with the US administration in preparing these sanctions and in identifying which types of sanctions are most likely to bring about a moderation of Iranian behaviour and to bring about the suspension of uranium enrichment that "all want and need".

    The five UNSC permanent members plus Germany are due to take part in preliminary talks with Iran's top nuclear
    negotiator Saeed Jalili on October 1.

    "I think that everyone involved in this issue are determined, the US, the P-5-plus-1, the countries that are most concerned about the Iranian nuclear programme, to proceed with these sanctions," he said in response to a question.

    "We have to see whether these sanctions can be mounted, whether the Russians will cooperate. There are perhaps better signs now that they might cooperate. And then to judge, to reassess, shortly, whether these sanctions have had the desired impact of persuading and dissuading the Iranians from nuclearising," he noted.

    Insisting that the deadline has always been the end of the year, he said: "when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made his visit to Washington last May, he received assurances from President Obama that there would be a decision made by the end of the year. So that hasn't changed, that deadline."

    If the talks does not work then the options are to impose a package of crippling sanctions that will bring the pain. "Military option is far down the road still," he said.

    "The administration has repeated that all options remain on the table. Israel is an independent sovereign state and has both the right and the duty to defend itself. But well before that, Israel expects the international community to intervene to prevent the nuclearisation of Iran," Oren said.

    However, he said Israel is confident in the administration's determination and that of the European allies as well to proceed down the road of very painful, crippling sanctions against Iran. On Palestine, he said Israel is ready to resume talks with the Palestinians without any preconditions. ... 029567.cms

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