DeSantis Signs Bill Creating Elections Security Force

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one step ahead of the left again.
He just signed a bill that would create an elections security force in Florida.

This force would investigate voter fraud claims and increase penalties for the violation of state election laws.
From Tallahassee Democrat:
A new security office would be created to investigate claims of voter fraud while increased penalties could be imposed on those violating state elections laws, under a measure signed Monday by Gov. Ron DeSantis.
The legislation (SB 524) was approved by the Republican-controlled state House and Senate in mostly party-line votes and marks the second straight year when DeSantis drove elections changes through the Legislature.

“The bill I’m going to sign today really builds on the success that we had last year. I think some of these things are really going to be significant,” DeSantis said, at a rally-like bill-signing held inside a Spring Hill sports bar.
All Governors should do the same!

DeSantis Signs Bill Creating Elections Security Force (