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    Joe DiGenova – After Election Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein will be gone

    DiGenova – After Election Sessions Will Be Gone, 2351

    The Still Report

    Joe DiGenova, the former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia probably has THE best contacts in Washington. Tonight on Hannity, DiGenova said that President Trump will come through the November elections just fine, and thereafter, both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein will be gone.- In addition, DiGenova says that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will probably attempt to subpoena President Trump, and Trump should ignore that subpoena – and will ignore it. Mueller, will then attempt to have the Supremes decide that matter and Trump will win. Shockingly, according to DiGenova, DOJ official, Bruce Ohr, who testified for 7 hours before the House Judiciary Committee today, did so with Democrat members boycotting the meeting. DiGenova says that even he was shocked to learn that according to Ohr, he has not been by either the Mueller probe, nor the more secretive one run by Mr. Huber out in Utah. If this is true, then the last hope that Jeff Sessions was really doing the right thing behind the curtain are blown away, because of …. Isn’t interested in Ohr, then he really is no better than a baby Mueller.

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    It's such a shame. Such a terrible mistake by Sessions.
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