Journalist Masako Ganaha tells Mike Adams: The TRANSGENDER AGENDA that has spread in the West is now destroying Japan

Thursday, June 08, 2023 by: Kevin Hughes
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(Natural News) Japanese journalist Masako Ganaha thinks the same globalist agenda that has spread in the U.S. and other Western nations is now destroying her home country. She’s referring to the transgender agenda being pushed around the world by the global elites.
In a recent interview with the Health Ranger Mike Adams, Ganaha said Japan’s sovereignty, culture and people are currently under attack. She noted that the enemies are using a “divide and conquer” strategy with the help of local and international media.
Ganaha, who hails from Nago City, Okinawa, said the LGBTQ+ law is now a huge topic in her country, especially with U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel pushing for the passage of such legislation there. The Japanese influencer and book author noted that people in her country are shocked and concerned by the legislation, which is threatening to destroy their culture.
“There is no discrimination against those [LGBTQ+] people to begin with. But also, we have good tradition to co-exist with those people. But this legislation used this term self-identification of gender. So, if you say you’re female then people have to accept it and welcome this person as female. This is the tricky part many Japanese people are concerned – it’s not specifically written what this self-identification is. So that’s why many Japanese people are against it,” Ganaha explained.
She said Emanuel should have learned to appreciate the Japanese culture instead of destroying it by pushing the LGBTQ+ law. Adams commented that the U.S. is also destroying its own culture, adding that Japan’s culture is very strong and resilient as shown by the strong national identity of the Japanese people.
Ganaha pointed out that Japan cannot maintain its culture because of the massive brainwashing being conducted in their school system. In fact, according to Ganaha, many Japanese people cannot even sing their national anthem.
The independent journalist mentioned that America, with help from the Japanese government, has caused this to happen through the War Guilt Information Program. She was quick to add that it was done not by patriotic Americans, but by operatives of the Deep State.
Transgender agenda is about the destruction of family, reproduction and population

According to Adams, the transgender agenda is about the destruction of the family, human reproduction and human population. “So, the fastest way for the globalists to destroy Japan and destroy the United States is to destroy the family unit and have children mutilated to where they can never reproduce,” Adams said.
Adams said there are so many ways that nations like the U.S. and Japan are being torn apart. He mentioned that young Japanese couples are not getting married and having babies, which has led to Japan’s population going through an alarming generational decline. (Related: The Bill Gates depopulation plan is succeeding at culling human populations: Fertility rates plummeting around the world.)
Ganaha agreed, noting that this kind of ideology about marriage is destroying Japanese culture as well. The Okinawa-born journalist pointed out that many Japanese people are not aware of the crisis going on and they do not understand that this is part of the globalist agenda.
To help address that, Ganaha is now trying to bring awareness in Japan for her people to understand what is happening in the country and the world.
Adams cited similarities between what’s happening in Japan and the United States. He said the Japanese leadership is answering to some other external force or external influence rather than meeting the needs of the Japanese people, which is exactly what is happening in the U.S. under Joe Biden.
“Biden is answering to globalists whose interest is to destroy America aside from destroying infrastructure, taking down the energy supply and removing freedom of speech,” Adams said. “These globalist forces are trying to destroy both Japan and America. Both countries have been targeted.”
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Journalist Masako Ganaha tells Mike Adams: The TRANSGENDER AGENDA that has spread in the West is now destroying Japan –