Round'm Up, Rove has been a dirt bag for many years

UPDATE… Attorney for Eric Greitens: If Karl Rove Encouraged Witness to Embellish Testimony to Take Advantage of Political Campaign then He Is Guilty of Crime and Should Go to Jail

By Jim Hoft
Published April 6, 2022 at 9:02am

Sheena Greitens, the ex-wife of MAGA Senate candidate Eric Greitens apparently committed felony perjury by making false allegations of abuse.
In a 2020 affidavit, Sheena Greitens swore under oath that no material fact was left out of their divorce and parenting plan of their children, which would include any abuse claims.

Now in 2022, as Greitens dominates the GOP field for Missouri’s open US Senate seat being vacated by RINO Roy Blunt, Sheena has come forward with new claims.
But there’s only one…er, there are a lot of problems with her new story.
First, Karl Rove has admitted to communicating with Sheena Greitens before she filed this new, perjured affidavit that falsely accuses Eric Greitens. Karl Rove is a well-known anti-Trump RINO notorious for pulling nasty, dirty tricks on political opponents.
Second, medical and dental records show that she is lying. In these records, Sheena told doctors that her son injured his tooth while “roughhousing” with his brother. Emails obtained by The Gateway Pundit also show that Sheena repeatedly attributed the injury to roughhousing.

Third, Sheena claims in her perjured affidavit that she reported this alleged “abuse” to therapists and a mediator—but under Missouri law, all those individuals are mandatory reporters for abuse. Meaning, if Sheena Greitens had in fact told them of abuse, they are required by law to report it to authorities. But no reports were ever filed.
So, Sheena—who recently spent a week in Washington D.C. meeting with McConnell-aligned political operatives—is either lying or she is accusing several licensed therapists and the mediator of committing a crime. You can decide which seems more likely.
At first Sheena flat out lied, claiming that she had no communications with Rove or other political operatives, but then Karl Rove admitted to communicating with her.
Sheena Greitens has since changed her story. Now, she only says that Rove didn’t draft the affidavit.
“Sheena Greitens also lied when she claimed that she wanted to keep these family matters private and protect her children from public disclosure because she is the one who leaked her own perjured affidavit to the media to bring public attention on her dispute with Eric,” said Tim Parlatore, an attorney for Eric Greitens.

Attorney Tim Parlatore recently joined Steve Bannon and Boris Epshteyn on The War Room to discuss this outrageous attack on Eric Greitens using his children as political pawns.

Eric Greitens has subpoenaed the phone records of Sheena Greitens, Karl Rove, and other political insiders.
“If this thing proves—if you get the phone records and all this—that [Karl Rove] put her up to this and they exchanged correspondence and talked to her, as he has told people, is he guilty of a crime,” Steve Bannon asked Tim Parlatore on War Room.

Parlatore responded: “If [Karl Rove] is encouraging [Sheena Greitens] to embellish the story for his own political purposes—and I don’t know if he has, we are going to find that out—but anybody who encourages a witness to falsely embellish a story for a courtroom so that they can take advantage in a political campaign, then that person is guilty of a crime and they should go to jail.”
Greitens was the first person in the country to say that once elected he will vote against Mitch McConnell as GOP leader.

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Eric Greitens blew up the RINO death star, and now the empire is striking back.

UPDATE... Attorney for Eric Greitens: If Karl Rove Encouraged Witness to Embellish Testimony to Take Advantage of Political Campaign then He Is Guilty of Crime and Should Go to Jail (