Krauthammer: Holder Making 'Big Mistake' By Waiting on VA Investigation

by Fox News Insider // May 16 2014 // 7:44am
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On the Special Report panel, Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the growing scandal over the Department of Veterans Affairs. On Thursday, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki appeared on Capitol Hill to face questions from lawmakers.

A whistleblower has claimed that top brass at a Phoenix VA facility kept secret waiting lists in order to conceal long wait times for appointments. Up to 40 veterans reportedly died while waiting for appointments.
"Any allegation, any adverse incident like this makes me mad as hell," Shinseki said Thursday before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.
He vowed that the VA Inspector General is undertaking an "exhaustive review." Investigators are working, he said, to "determine any conduct that we discover that merits criminal prosecution."
Krauthammer, however, took issue with Attorney General Eric Holder not acting more swiftly to open a DOJ investigation. Holder said Tuesday he's "monitoring" the IG's ongoing investigation and will continue to look at what else comes out "in the media" before deciding what role the Justice Department will play.
Krauthammer said Holder is making a "big mistake," arguing that mismanagement within the VA is different from the Benghazi and IRS targeting scandals.
"This is simply amazing. He's the chief law enforcement officer of the United States and he's waiting to hear what the media will tell him about what's been happening inside the government. In the one system in the U.S. that is the most entirely government-run. ... It's always 'ongoing investigations,' which is a way of saying, 'it's ongoing, I have to wait.' He doesn't have to wait."
Judge Andrew Napolitano only sees the scandal getting worse, saying this boils down to the fact that the people "most deserving of government services can't get them."
"It's worth a (DOJ) investigation. Because if there's any evidence of criminal wrongdoing, you indict those people and then they begin providing you with information about who knew what, when and where. The president suffers when he forces a left-wing ideology on us. He also suffers when government in general doesn't work and this is an era of people looking for cracks in government cement. And they found a big one here," said Napolitano.
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We heard more from Krauthammer last night on The O'Reilly Factor. He disputed the notion that no GOP candidate can defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Watch his thoughts on the 2016 race below:

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