The Lancet, which scammed the world by publishing a rigged study against ivermectin, now says climate change is a “medical emergency”

Sunday, January 29, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) The most pressing issue of the day is “the ethical and medical urgency of the climate crisis,” according to The Lancet.
The once-respected medical journal, which is based out of the United Kingdom, has declared global warming to be the “biggest global health threat of the 21st century.” Its editorial board is also celebrating “health-care professionals participating in Extinction Rebellion action [who] blocked the entrance to the U.K.’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to protest about impotent responses to climate change.”
Health care, The Lancet said, is “part of the climate problem” because “the global health-care industry emitted two gigatons of carbon dioxide (CO2), or 4.4 percent of the world’s total” in 2014. This, we are told, demands immediate action in the form of aggressive climate activism within the medical community.
This is the same The Lancet that recently proclaimed “medical racism” in the United States to be another pressing issue that can only be solved by dismantling the “structural violence” that allegedly persists across the nation. (Related: Remember at the height of the COVID scamdemic when The Lancet published, then retracted, a fake science study claiming hydroxychloroquine [HCQ] causes heart disease?)
Pharmaceuticals are made from “fossil fuels,” which means they also need to go

Concerning climate change, The Lancet pointed to operating rooms “overflowing with trash generated by disposable sterile supplies and surgical equipment,” as well as “parking areas filled with private transportation reliant on fossil fuels, and constant energy flow to digital monitors and other technologies.”
Interestingly, the journal also identified pharmaceuticals as a climate issue as well since most of them are made from so-called “fossil fuels,” which are really just God-given earth fuels that exist in abundance beneath the surface of the planet.
What The Lancet is concerned about is not so much these fuels themselves but the “carbon” they produce. The climate cult, as you probably know, is obsessed with carbon and believes it to be something “evil,” even though all life is made from carbon.
One way The Lancet suggests to combat all this carbon is for doctors to stop participating in free drug samples programs, which will “help reduce medication overuse and reduce the carbon impact when samples go unused.”
Another idea presented by The Lancet is for doctors to stop starting patients on 30-day drug courses and instead try a one-week supply approach, “even at the cost of some convenience to the doctor and patient.”
It sounds silly – and it is – but this is what has become of the journal, which in days of old was widely considered to be the gold standard of medical science. The Lancet has clearly been infiltrated and taken over by climate lunatics, just like governments, academia and even Wall Street have.
Hilariously, The Lancet also wants doctors to start engaging in a “green informed consent” program that “incorporates education about the climate impact of pharmaceuticals and climate change health hazards.”
Patients are to be indoctrinated with climate propaganda every time they see their doctor or get a prescription, in other words. This will give patients the ability to “choose to decline a medication, or they might choose to accept the medication and pursue carbon offsets.”
All in all, The Lancet wants doctors everywhere to become “climate activists in their daily clinical practice” – yes, this is a direct quote from the journal.
“Health care professionals have an important part to play in reducing the carbon emissions of health care by dispensing only needed medications and by helping to ensure that those are used to their fullest potential,” the journal said.
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The Lancet, which scammed the world by publishing a rigged study against ivermectin, now says climate change is a “medical emergency” –