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Latinos & Blacks – the New Monster Vote, 2424

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The Still Report
Published on Oct 25, 2018

Synopsis: Good evening, I’m still reporting on the election. Oddly, the Desperate Dems seem to be ignoring Latinos this election – just as they did in the 2016 election – because they are taking their vote for granted – just as they have the black vote for decades. However, new studies are increasingly showing that both blacks and Latinos are migrating towards the patriarchal figure of President Trump. In 2016, I remember writing stories that if Trump were able to crack the 5% threshold of the black vote, that would be a win. Well, he actually scored 8%. Unfortunately, I, like most people didn’t even look at the Latino vote – except in Florida – because I figured it would vote overwhelmingly Democrat. However, now the trends are clear, Republicans under President Trump may just score like never before with both groups in 12 days. In 2012, Mitt Romney got just 6% of the black vote, and 27% of the Latino vote. In 2016, candidate Trump captured 8% of the black vote and 29% of the Latino vote. In one study, done in highly Latino populations in Texas, in 2016, Hillary Clinton scored on average 6.4% fewer Latino votes than Obama did in 2012. Generally, those votes went for Trump. But since his election, President Trump has reached out to both groups, and it’s working.