By Dr. Laurie Roth
September 14, 2012

Mind control is coming fast

Many think that somebody else controlling your mind from afar is simply impossible. We have heard of a few high paid magicians hypnotizing an unsuspecting person on stage and getting them to do unbelievable and embarrassing things. What however, if your opinions could be changed with just a push of a button? What if you could be compelled to get up out of your chair and do something just because someone turned a dial or flipped a switch? What if someone could force you to get up, load your gun and blow away everyone in a movie theatre or at a political event? Do the things you think even come from you…are you sure?

This week I was reminded of the whole world of mind control and its history when one of my listeners contacted me asking that I look into this more. I did and found that most certainly there are plans to control and redirect America and the world. If certain scientist, globalist and military types get their way, we will all be living in the remake of ‘stepford wives’ and be Manchurian Candidates. We will be enacting the vision of the radical world leaders and not even know it.

How could these mind control tyrants pull off such a thing? First, lest you think I have lost my mind and joined the ‘conspiracy – crazy’ crowd, let us review a little Mind control history.

Mind control research has been going on, mostly lead by our CIA more than 50 years. Some of the earlier programs were referred to as Project Artichoke, in 1953, MK-ULTRA, run by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb. The direction of the CIA project was described in a CIA memorandum dated Jan. 25, 1952 that revealed the following objective: “the evaluation and development of any method by which we can get information from a person against their will and without his knowledge” It also stated as their goal…“get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self-preservation.”

Steve Lynch is a survivor of mind control terror that he has documented in his book ‘Remote Control – Battle for your mind.’ He has done painstaking research and shared in detail his experience while a former prisoner in the Illinois Dept. of Corrections. He was victorious over what he calls ‘Brainscan’ torture and has exposed, along with other brave souls, what the goal is now.

Mind control experiments have gone on by the CIA testing chip implants, use of drugs and now EMR weapons (electromagnetic radiation weapons). There is a whole deadly world of psychotronic and radio-frequency weapons our Government is experimenting with and using.

I wonder…

The progressive left and new world order power brokers would love to take control of our property rights using Agenda 21 and Sustainability projects that are gathering momentum all across the country. We see them drooling with ecstasy about controlling our health care, getting us on lists, demanding we be chipped for Health recording’ purposes and linking to our bank accounts. So, along with property and health controls, we have more 1st amendment and free speech attacks, while ‘mystery drones’ fly overhead in growing waves all across the country.Military exercises and unprecedented ammo purchases of hollow point bullets are going on by the Social Security, Homeland Security and countless other Government departments and local police departments.How could they actually control people?

There are many pushing to ‘Barcode everyone at birth. Elizabeth Moon, a science fiction writer thinks we all need a unique ID permanently attached to us like a barcode. Fox news has talked about a smart-pill-embedded-microchip. I found an article talking about tracking devices being used in school badges. Other schools are pushing to force chips into every student. Business week talked of an edible RFID microchip monitor that can tell if you have taken your medicine. Gee, what is it going to do if you forgot…shock you? Forget candy and ice cream cones. Now we have RFID microchip snacks in cherry and lemon.

Radio wave control is also going on and with more and more success, per the frightening personal experience of Steve Lynch. The radio-frequency weapons can now aim at you from afar without you knowing it and literally tell you what to think, do and feel. I thought that science fiction movie; ‘Future Reality’ was unbelievable and frightening enough. That was about the Government heads trying and arresting you in advance for future crimes you had not yet committed. Now, we have CIA and New World Order goons refining evil and powerful systems to create millions of Manchurian candidates. You talk about redistributing wealth??!!….Try redistributing and stealing whole minds and lives!

There are certain places in research we must not go. You do NOT take over people’s minds and force them to do evil! You do not control and track people for any reason by inserting microchips. Health care needs be damned. Concern over where your teen goes be damned. Find another way to help and control your Mom with Alzheimers…no chips.

The thought has crossed my mind more then once. Don’t you kind of wonder about all the shootings recently. Was someone controlling their actions? Will someone try and control you and I? Our Government already wants to force us to put ‘health care RFID microchips in us so we can monitor medicine and health needs. Isn’t that practical and special???

Say NO NO and triple NO. It will be a cold day in hell before anyone puts a chip in my body or children’s bodies. I will keep track of my kids the old-fashioned way…love, discipline and guidance.

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