February 22, 2011

Left Using Twitter for Death Threats

Ann Kane

Gov. Scott Walker has received death threats via Twitter. He is no stranger to this modern phenomenon, as just last month he and other elected officials from Wisconsin received hate messages after the Rep. Gabby Giffords shooting.

Death threats against public officials have been increasing in the past few years, and now they're becoming commonplace. Mentally unstable people are responsible for a large percentage of threats, and it appears the Left has more than its fair share of uncivil, intolerant and moderately ill people in its ranks.

Here's a caption from a video on Fox Nation showing the Twitter threats: http://nation.foxnews.com/politics/2011 ... ott-walker

Not only are they carrying Hitler signs, comparing Governor Walker to Mubarak, getting arrested in the capitol building and sabotaging the Tea Party rally, the far left is now issuing death threats against Governor Scott Walker.

Emboldened twitterers, unfazed by President Obama's call for healing and civility after last month's shooting in Tucson, called for Wisconsin's Governor to be killed. A person named ‘Josh' asked for a "crazy man with sniper experience" [sic] to "do wut you do." http://ironicsurrealism.blogivists.com/ ... show-list/

A protester outside the Capitol building in Madison carried a sign that read "Walker Dead or Alive" with ‘alive' crossed out. http://ironicsurrealism.blogivists.com/ ... ossed-out/

The violent rhetoric has gone unnoticed by the mainstream media who just last month were quick to fabricate an entire narrative around a crazed killer's slaughter of innocent Americans in Tucson, accusing Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Movement. Union activists and their Democrat supporters, the same ones carrying signs comparing Walker to Hitler and calling for his death, are touted as heroes by liberal newspapers like the New York Times where the Saturday headline read "Wisconsin Leads Way As Workers Fight State Cuts." http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/19/us/po ... f=politics

Governor Walker, like many newly elected Republican governors, is in the crosshairs of the opposition. The tweets and signs threatening Walker, so far ignored by the liberal press, are a federal crime. In light of the recent tragedy in Arizona the usual double standard should not apply.

When we were young, our parents branded into our minds never to say offhanded remarks about the president or we would be arrested and locked up; even if we were just kidding. Now, very few death threats are being investigated and the ones that do get attention are those the left can blame on the right.

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Thomas Lifson adds:

Those who call them advocates of civility have a duty to denounce these death threats and call for the left to turn on its outliers. President George W. Bush just accepted a position on a board of advisors for a civility institute at the University of Arizona and ought to be calling attention to incivility directed at conservatives, which is a much bigger problem than crosshairs on a map.

Crazies, plus violent political rhetoric is a bad recipe. Not very long ago the left was making the connection of those two elements all but an indictable offense. Now, they are silent.

I am alarmed. It is quite thinkable to me. I know that democratic institutions are vulnerable to assassination. When Japan lost its Taisho Democracy, the seizure of power by the military was paved with the blood of politicians who got in their way. "Government by assassination" that period has been called.

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