Leftist ‘educators’ eliminating honors courses to dumb down students in the name of ‘equity’

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 by: JD Heyes
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(Natural News) While our nation’s elite are able to send their children to expensive schools where they get the best education money can buy, they have allowed schools for the masses to become infiltrated with left-wing ideologues who have been working to propagandize kids for decades.
And now, the full-fledged dumbing down of our future generations is in full swing as more and more, leftists are eliminating “honors” courses for the smartest students we need to rely on for future advancements, all under the phony guise of “equity” — which, in this case, is being used to ensure all kids are equally subpar. And it should be no surprise that many of these abhorrent changes are being made in the Soviet socialist-style state of California, which is run by a Democratic supermajority.
The Wall Street Journal reported that Culver City High School in California has discontinued its honors classes as they were not attracting enough black and Latino students. Other school districts, including Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District and Patrick Henry High School in California, have also implemented similar changes in their honors programs in an effort to promote greater equity.
The outlet noted:
A group of parents stepped to the lectern Tuesday night at a school board meeting in this middle-class, Los Angeles-area city to push back against a racial-equity initiative. The high school, they argued, should reinstate honors English classes that were eliminated because they didn’t enroll enough Black and Latino students. The district earlier this school year replaced the honors classes at Culver City High School with uniform courses that officials say will ensure students of all races receive an equal, rigorous education. These parents disagreed.
“We really feel equity means offering opportunities to students of diverse backgrounds, not taking away opportunities for advanced education and study,” left-wing lunatic Joanna Schaenman, a Culver City parent who helped lead the change, claimed ahead of the meeting.
Culver City is not alone in facing resistance from parents who oppose the removal of honors designations on certain high school courses. Similar pushback has been seen in Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and other parts of California over the past year as schools have taken steps to eliminate or modify their honors programs, the WSJ reported.
School districts that are phasing out honors classes contend that students who do not have access to such classes from an early age can start to view themselves as being in a lower tier, which can lead them to believe that they are not capable of enrolling in more advanced classes, such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses, that can be beneficial for college admission, the outlet’s report noted further. The Education Trust, a nonprofit organization that researches educational equity, has found that black and Latino students are often underrepresented in AP enrollment across many states.
Of course, none of that takes into account that only certain students will ever legitimately qualify as ‘exceptional’ and even be able to take higher-level courses, regardless of their ethnicity. It’s like playing a pro sport; if everyone were allowed to play, then there would be no reason to watch because the sport would be substandard and not at all entertaining. Kids who score average in school don’t tend to go on to MIT and invent really amazing things, but they may become great carpenters, for example — and our country needs both.
“Parents say academic excellence should not be experimented with for the sake of social justice,” Quoc Tran, the superintendent of 6,900-student Culver City Unified School District, told the WSJ. But, he said, “it was very jarring when teachers looked at their AP enrollment and realized Black and brown kids were not there. They felt obligated to do something.”
In this case, ‘doing something’ is robbing bright kids of a better future. That’s not ‘equity’; that is cruelty.
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Leftist ‘educators’ eliminating honors courses to dumb down students in the name of ‘equity’ – NaturalNews.com