Leo Hohmann: Globalists, MSM colluding to provoke violent reaction from the Right

Friday, April 14, 2023 by: Belle Carter
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(Natural News) Globalists and the mainstream media (MSM) – the latter working for the Deep State – are colluding to provoke an unfavorable reaction from the Right, especially when it comes to gender-related issues.
Veteran investigative reporter Leo Hohmann put forward this claim during his appearance on the “Health Ranger Report.” He told the Health Ranger Mike Adams that the precedent has been set with the March 27 Nashville school massacre. The 28-year-old shooter Audrey Hale, a female-to-male transgender, killed three children and three adults before being gunned down by police officers.
According to Hohmann, NBC News was the first MSM outlet to report that Hale was transgender. The veteran reporter expounded: “NBC News is like the heart of the Deep State media. They are like on the leading edge of getting the message out and whatever propaganda the globalists want. It’s like they wanted that to get out [ASAP].”
He continued that NBC News‘ report sought to provoke a violent response from the right, adding: “They would love nothing more than a retaliation from somebody on our side of the political fence to go out to say a gay bar or wherever and shoot up a bunch of transvestites, transsexuals or transgenders. Then make a big huge deal out of that, convincing everyone that people need to be disarmed.”
Despite the provocations, Hohmann said people from the Right have so far expressed very measured and highly critical responses – far from the violent ones the MSM and globalists were expecting. He told Adams: “I think that tremendously disappoints these globalists,” he said. (Related: Nashville shooting aftermath: Anti-gun and pro-transgender activists storm state capitol buildings.)
The Health Ranger agreed, pointing out that their aim is to raise militant transgenderism. “People may not be surprised that the world may have come to the tipping point where transgenders will be armed with weapons like AR-15s while mass murdering Christians or burning down churches,” Adams said.
Provocation also aimed at ushering WWIII, Civil War 2.0

The Natural News and Brighteon.com founder put it out there that the provocation strategy is not only being used in the culture wars, or the Left’s woke ideologies on homosexuality. Adams believes that this move is engineered to evoke World War III, or another civil war.
“They are trying to provoke Russia into an escalation of thermobaric warheads or even a nuclear attack,” he said, stressing that the strategy seems to have permeated the philosophy of Western leaders, who are trying to use violence to oppress their political enemies.
Hohmann mirrored Adam’s stance, saying the ultimate strategy is to drive the U.S. into civil war or the next world war.
“If you think of all the provocations, both in actions and in rhetoric over the last two years, it’s just unbelievable. And WWIII and Civil War 2.0 would probably be the biggest dream that they could have come true for America because the U.S. has more weapons than any other country by far.”
The veteran reporter further slammed President Joe Biden for his assurances that there are no current threats to national security, and that the recent Nashville shooting would not influence the transgender sector and endanger the nation. According to Biden, guns are just for hunting, target practice, sporting or recreation.
Hohmann pointed out that the Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in the Constitution for reasons that had nothing to do with hunting.
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Watch the full episode of the “Health Ranger Report” with Mike Adams featuring Leo Hohmann below.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.com.
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